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Having just admitted (below) one mistake I will risk committing another – except this time I am going to say the following is 100% conjecture. It’s all theory. No facts.
The other day I was having lunch with a group of friends and the flap on the Wake County School Board came up and I said, Well, diversity is a sort of sacred cow to liberals – so of course they’re outraged.
Now in every group there’s one cynic and this time he was sitting right next to me. He turned in his chair, stared at me a moment and said, You’ve got that wrong. Or, at least, the liberals aren’t worried about the kind of diversity you’re talking about.
I said, Explain that.
Here’s my cynical friend’s explanation. He said: 1) A lot of the school children being bused in Wake County are African-American children who live inside the Beltline – who’re being bused to schools outside the Beltline; 2) When busing ends and those children are allowed to attend the schools nearest their homes, as a result the racial makeup of schools inside the Beltline will change, gaining a higher ratio of African American students.
All that moral outrage you’re talking about, my friend concluded, is nothing more than good old-fashioned self-interest.
Now, as I said, I have no idea if my friend’s theory is correct – but I’ve reached the age where I’m ready to believe human nature is capable of no end of duplicity. So who knows? If anyone out there has actually studied the facts and figures about who gets bused where in Wake County write in and share the statistics – then, maybe, we can figure out if the brouhaha is about sanctimony or self-interest.


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10 comments on “Sanctimony or Self-Interest?

  1. -1 says:

    I’m more interested in the unanticipated consequences of bussing for desegregation. And this comment is totally in ignorance of the Wake County controversy.

    For example, in Baltimore County, MD, bussing (my spellchecker wants to make it one “s,” but I’m convinced it is two) is no longer about desegregation but about getting all kids to school. So, the h.s. kids depart at 6:45 from the stop outside my house to get to school at about 7 AM for a school day that starts at 8:30 AM.

    The Middle School kids are picked up by (same bus) at 7:30 to get to school at about 8 AM to start school at 8:30 AM.

    Elementary kids are picked up (same stop) at 8:15 AM for school that starts at 8:30 AM.

    Given research that shows h.s. kids should be sleeping later, this schedule is in exact inverse of reality. BUT, the kicker is that everyone is now bussed (except h.s. kids with their own car or a parent to drive them every morning) because of desegregation (which, as a flaming liberal, I supported). I haven’t been happy about bussing since the first day my kid went to first grade (you can do kindergarten in MD without public school).

    I’m not a random liberal shooting flames at Carter. I knew him in h.s., when we did not have to get up and out so early in the AM. I am, however, an Obama liberal.

  2. -1 says:

    I think you have hit the nail on the head, Carter. Many the liberal whiners are closet racists living inside the beltway who do not want their children attending school with so many minorities. I think the lady doth protest too much.

  3. -1 says:

    Once again, a failed trial balloon from Carter.

    If one takes the time to look a data (gasp!) and maps (oh my!) in the Wake County situation, one sees that poverty will result in an east/west divide of the county, rather than a (inner) beltline divide of the county.

    Facts strike again.

  4. -1 says:

    Diversity isn’t just about skin color Carter. Diversity is a socio-economic issue.

    It is always interesting to me when conservatives make arguments that appear to be based on unstated assumptions about racial issues, i.e., that decisions made by blacks that run counter to a given liberal proposal is somehow evidence that the liberal proposal is deprived of its validity. The irony embedded in this reasoning shows just how unable conservatives are to think beyond skin color. The color of a person’s skin does not determine that person’s ideological perspective, folks.

    It is good, isn’t it, to see that skin color is less reliable than it once was as an indication of whether that person is “liberal” or “conservative” on socio-economic issues?

  5. -1 says:

    “…this reasoning shows just how unable conservatives are to think beyond skin color.”–Brunette

    How is it possible to hold civil discourse with those who choose to believe garbage like this about those who do not share their views?

  6. cwrenn says:

    I’m not a random liberal shooting flames at Carter. I knew him in h.s., when we did not have to get up and out so early in the AM. I am, however, an Obama liberal.

    Ben, If either one of us had had to get up at 6:45 am we wouldn’t have made it out of High School. Best, Carter

  7. -1 says:

    Given your apparently tenuous grasp of the rudiments of civility, Mr. Carbine, It is not surprising that you are easily challenged in the effort to maintain a grip.

    ; p

  8. -1 says:

    So Carbine has a “tenuous grasp of the rudiments of civility”, according to the Progressive Ms. Brunette?

    I think not.

    Just last week Ms. Brunette, the voice of the Tolerant Left, opined:

    “Um, person-calling-himself-Aristotle. I knew Aristotle; I worked with Aristotle; and you, sir, are no Aristotle.

    I’m no fan of the Republican party, but I’m always gratified to see the semblance of sanity within its ranks. You, sir (and I use the term loosely), are not among those evincing evidence of a rational thought process.

    On a related note, how do the good folks running TAP know that a humane cartoon of your persona would include bandages over a mouth that spews drivel? “

    Oh dear. How very uncivil of Ms. Brunette.

    And on a related note, Ms. Brunette reveals her thought process – anyone voicing a true conservative viewpoint is necessarily irrational, while those who obediently repeat the Liberal mantra – Obama is my Savior, and will pay my mortgage blah blah blah; the government exists to take care of each & every need of its citizens; any big business led by a Republican is evil, while Soros’ multiple capitalist enterprises, involving hundreds of billions of dollars in assets, some of which he uses to fund pro-Socialist non-profits & foundations, are somehow above reproach – the mental gymnastics it takes to swallow this bile is just mind-boggling.

  9. -1 says:

    I strongly object to being characterized as the voice of the “Tolerant Left.”

    While glad to assume the best of intentions from any who wish to label me as an adherent of the so-called “Left” (whatever that means), I draw the line at “tolerant.”

    This scurrilous charge, arising as it does from a tone-deaf, single-toothed spittle-spewing, aqua-colored pointy-head of dubious lineage, shall be answered with a flogging, sir, the instant I see the noon sun hit what passes for your brow.

  10. -1 says:

    “…a tone-deaf, single-toothed spittle-spewing, aqua-colored pointy-head of dubious lineage, shall be answered with a flogging…”

    Tsk, tsk, such language!

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