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Sunday morning Nancy Pelosi sat down across from Chuck Todd and, wanly going through the motions on the Meet the Press, criticized Trump’s “Unconstitutional, immoral ban on Muslims” and said “I want to know what the Russians have on Trump.”

It was the same-old same-old.

Todd then played Pelosi a video of Elizabeth Warren talking about the election and asked: ‘Do you think she’s right – that Democrats have lost touch? That Democrats need new leaders?’

Pelosi pursed her lips and looked back at Todd, eyes tired. There’s plenty of room for new leaders. I was once a new leader myself.

(And she was – when Reagan was President.)

It was like watching history repeat itself. Like watching Pelosi debating Trump rather than Hillary. People looked at Trump, then looked at Pelosi, and thought, He’s flawed but she’s worse.

And that’s the same-old same-old too.


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