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As if the President didn’t face enough problems with Congress over the war in Iraq – now he has the Iraqi government sniping at his plan too. Or, at least, a crucial part of it.

It appears Iraq’s Shiite government isn’t anxious to crack down equally on Shiite and Sunni terrorists. So Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki wants control of the campaign to clean-up Baghdad. Maliki says bluntly that he should be in charge – with an Iraqi general of his choice running the campaign. One of our generals says equally bluntly that the government in Baghdad is now “part of the problem.”

Our diplomats have been negotiating a compromise that seems to work like this: Prime Minister Maliki’s general will be in charge – but will report to a council made up of Maliki, his Defense Minister, Interior Minster and the U.S. Commander in Iraq.

So, now, we are planning to fight the war in Baghdad by committee, with a Shiite general in charge and, I’m trying to remember: When was the last time a war was won by a committee?

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