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At Friday night’s SnowBall, a young woman bemoaned all that had happened to Governor Cooper since the election two months ago: McCrory’s month-long refusal to concede, the legislature’s power grab and, now, a winter storm disrupting his inaugural.

“Poor Roy,” she said. “He can’t catch a break.”

Saturday morning, as I alternated between watching the snow and the television, I realized how wrong she was.

In fact, all three things the ball-goer cited are breaks for Cooper. Especially the storm.

He got more free media coverage Saturday morning than any new Governor ever got. First was his 8:30 storm briefing. Then came his 10:30 inaugural speech. Then his afternoon briefing. Plus news clips all day long.

All on a day when millions of North Carolinians were vegging out in front of the TV.

They got to know the new Governor in a way no amount of campaign money could buy. They saw him in command in an emergency, and they heard what he intends to do the next four years.

And they saw it after two months of watching McCrory whine and the legislature do all it could to hurt the new Governor and the state, including not repealing HB2.

Politics is all about adapting to crisis and change, making decisions on the fly, and seizing opportunities when they present.

Cooper and his team rose to the occasion. His start may have been stormy, but it was strong. And it should warm Democrats’ hopes and hearts on a cold day.


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