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Hillary Clinton’s campaign is living on a diet of fingernails.

The Main Stream Media (MSM) and the Democratic Establishment have proclaimed her the winner.

But John Edwards asks the apt question: Did I miss something? Did Iowa already vote? Did we already pick a nominee?

History says that no Democratic front-runner sails to the nomination without a stumble:

  • Everybody remembers that – at this point four years ago – Howard Dean was virtually crowned and John Kerry dismissed. Al Gore even endorsed Dean.

  • Before 2000, Gore was the presumptive nominee. Bill Bradley briefly scored some points, and Gore struggled to win Iowa and New Hampshire.

  • In 1992, the media designated Bill Clinton as the front-runner. Then sex scandals and a draft-dodging charge nearly sank his campaign.

  • In 1988, we never had a front-runner. All the candidates – Gephardt, Gore, Biden and the eventual nominee, Dukakis – stumbled throughout.

  • In 1984, Walter Mondale had it wrapped up. Until Gary Hart nearly knocked him out.

  • Jimmy Carter was an incumbent President, for Pete’s sake, in 1980. But he was so mistake-prone Ted Kennedy challenged him. Then Teddy fell on his face in his infamous interview with Roger Mudd.

  • In 1976, Carter came out of nowhere to nearly wrap up the nomination, then nearly lost it to a late-charging Jerry Brown.

  • In 1972, Easy Ed Muskie was the Man. But he and his campaign broke down, and George McGovern’s crusaders took over the party.

  • In 1968, Gene McCarthy forced Lyndon Johnson out of the race, then McCarthy and Bobby Kennedy nearly derailed Hubert Humphrey.

  • Even Saint John Kennedy stumbled in 1960, performing so poorly in Wisconsin (I believe) that he had to spend millions of dollars of the family fortune in Catholic-hostile West Virginia.

So buckle your seat belt, Hillary. If the ride doesn’t get bumpy, it’ll be the first time in nearly 50 years.

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