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Fred Heineman’s death takes us back to the Republican tidal year of 1994, when a titanic health-care battle led to a Democratic debacle so huge Heineman temporarily unseated David Price.
The big difference this year: Obama succeeded where the Clintons failed.
It takes three ingredients to make an electoral revolution: (1) One side is energized (2) the middle is outraged and (3) the other side is demoralized.
All three elements came together in 1994.
Democrats were so demoralized – and stayed home so much – that Heineman won even though he got fewer votes than Price got in 1992.
But, thanks to Obama’s health-care victory, Democrats who were demoralized a week ago are energized today.
Republicans, of course, are still energized – maybe even more so.
And the middle? We’ll see. Obama’s political challenge now is to sell them on reform.


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2 comments on “Revisiting 1994

  1. -1 says:

    “Obama’s political challenge now is to sell them on reform.”

    Wait a minute now, wasn’t that what he just spent the last year trying (and failing) to do?

  2. -1 says:

    Here’s an aspect that will be political dynamite come November. Obamacare exempted – guess who? – Obama himself. It also exempted the Democrat congressional committee staffers who wrote the darn thing. These people know how bad it is and they certainly don’t want to inflict it upon themselves. They just want to inflict it on poor ole’ John Q. Public. Well, when ole’ John Q. wakes up to that, he ain’t gonna be real happy with Obama or Obama’s minions on Capitol Hill.

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