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Maybe the attack-Koch strategy is a good idea after all. I had questions, but I’m coming around.
Every story needs a villain. That lesson is as old as the Bible. (See: the Serpent, Garden of Eden.)
Just as Republicans here want to make William Barber of the NAACP the face of the Democratic Party, the Kazillionaire Kochs are the ideal face of a Republican Party that is firmly committed to looking out for the 1 Percent – or the one-tenth of 1 Percent – at the expense of people who want good schools, good jobs, good health care and safe water to drink and air to breathe.
The Kochs are perfect villains in a political environment where the public suspects there’s a corrupt link between Big Business and GOP Government. And the Kochs are just an extension of the Bain Capital brand that Mitt Romney bequeathed to the GOP.
Even better, there are two of them. Evil Twins!
And it must be working. Charles Koch felt compelled to take to the friendly pages of the Wall Street Journal to protest that “collectivists” are being mean to him.
Let’s pile on!


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2 comments on “Rethinking Koch

  1. Anonymous says:

    Could be a good idea to continue to go after the Koch brothers. Keep it up. There are about 1/2 of one % of the people in N.C. who know who the Koch brothers are. They seem like a made up image. Where as Barbor is a real live image in N.C. Once you see him once you can’t forget. He is the wealthy black man who makes a living pimping black poverty. Great image for white voters. He wallers in the taint of Jessie Jackson or Al Sharpton. It makes for a real live enemy. Koch brothers are some fictional made up boogie man. No back ground, no historical reference. Play that card all you want.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Okay, first, Gary, Republicans don’t even mention Rev. Barber unless he’s out there on things like Moral Mondays and so forth. So, that statement about Republicans trying to make him the face of the Democratic Party is so ridiculous. Nice banter for the radical leftie followers that come here, but it’s got no basis in fact.

    Second, it is no secret that the democratic party has come out with talking points for pundits like you to us on venues like this. It’s always about how republicans are against good schools and don’t care about health care and couldn’t care less about our environment etc. You know…just like what you’ve tried to say here. What is so disturbing is that even the likes of you, Gary, know all of that is just pure bunk. Republicans are against just throwing money at problems without having a viable solution first. Republicans breathe the same air Democrats breathe and Republican kids go to the same schools Democrat’s kids go to. Republicans get sick and need health care just like Democrats.

    Now, on to my third point. The Koch Bros. are indeed very rich. And, they are indeed VERY republican oriented. They make no bones about how they feel politically and they believe that unless there is a significant change in the direction the left is currently taking our country, we’re going to lose the greatness America has become. And, they believe that greatness came from people striving to achieve…going through hard times…taking responsibility for themselves and even if they don’t have what other have at the moment, they make the best of what they do have and work with it to improve their lives. That’s America to the bone…I know it, most within my republican party know it and if there was any way in the world to get inside your head, Mr. Pearce, I’m very sure you know it too. But, it’s not going to get democrats votes. Giving out things…providing for people…making our citizens dependent on the state buys….er…..gets votes. It’s not a secret the democratic objective.

    So, you just hide the gazillions of dollars the unions give to democrats from dues and without any sanctioning by their membership. Just hide the mountains of money and influence that comes from gazillionaire George Soros that goes to radical/liberal/progressive democrats all across our nation. Hide the amount of money from so many environmental companies and businesses involved in alternate energy sources that goes into democratic campaigns so they can get taxpayer dollars once those Democrats get elected.

    You put more rhetoric and innuendo and spin on this front page than I see on just about all of the many political blog sites I go to each day. Kind of makes me wonder if anyone other than your “TAPster” fan club actually buys much of it.

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