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Gary is taking a break from blogging. Our guest blogger filling in for Gary is a Tapster.

The recent dustup about so-called ‘outside’ agitators spear-heading the Moral Monday protests has spotlighted a significant trend in North Carolina: the state actually is being run by outsiders.

Each of the last two Gov’s were born in other states, and the current governor went to a tiny private college.

Both of the current legislative leaders were born and educated elsewhere.

The president of the public university system received his undergrad degree from a private school.

The new appointed CEO of the state’s most important business was raised and educated elsewhere and learned corporate principles in a different world.

For good or bad, the UNC and NC State mafias who operated things around here for decades have faded away. Why? Is our education and political system not producing quality leaders? Or do our new leaders simply represent what has become a migratory, destination state where bright minds from elsewhere come to take advantage of wonderful opportunities and merely reflect the population who appoints and elects them?

Obviously it’s helpful to have a cross section of experience and knowledge to run a complex enterprise like a state, a university or a large business. But it’s a problem when the folks who run things have never stepped foot on the campuses of ECU, ECSU, FSU or NCSSM and don’t know those acronyms or how to find them on a map.

So, it’s natural that we have a bitter, divisive and vitriolic debate about the state’s future when the decision makers’ perspectives and priorities were nurtured beyond our borders.
No wonder the natives are restless.


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2 comments on “Restless Natives

  1. Choo says:

    Aint diversity wonderful…..

  2. dap916 says:

    I loved this post. Gary has finally been able to come up with a way to try to thwart my questioning of him using the word “Tapsters” when quoting someone he talked to that said something he wanted to present here. Now, he’s got a person that is identifying himself/herself as a “Tapster” filling in for him. hahahahahaha….this is just too funny. Gary, all I can say is thank you.

    With regard to this so-called “Tapster’s” post, how ridiculous is it that he/she is trying to say that bringing in people from other states to use to agitate and rally against our republican legislature is the same as people that serve in our state’s government going to school somewhere besides North Carolina. Now, if anyone truly, honestly sees this comparison as legitimate, I worry about you.

    I’m just a lowly blog poster here on TAP but I feel pretty darn good that someone of the caliber of Gary Pearce has to go to the lengths he does because of some of the things I say here. I’ve made an impact. I’m feeling pretty important right now. Thanks, Mr. Pearce. You’ve made my day.

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