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I’m amused by people who argue that the “mosque” shouldn’t be built near Ground Zero because a poll showed a majority of Americans oppose it.
Well, not along ago I saw a poll that found, for the first time, that most Americans think gay couples should be allowed to wed.
That settles it, I guess.


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2 comments on “Resolved

  1. Carbine says:

    Gay couples CAN wed, and many do. What many Americans have a bit of a problem with is the idea of changing the LEGAL definition of marriage to include same-sex couples, as that has ramifications down the line on all of us. I have some reservations about it myself. Personally, I’d like to see government get further out of the business of granting official status to personal relationships, not further into it.

  2. dap916 says:

    Maybe I have not been very clear about the feelings of the majority of Americans with regard to this mosque. Maybe my overriding argument against it being there was only because every poll in America shows that right at 70% of the nation is against the mosque being built 2 blocks from Ground Zero.

    Well, if so, I want to reiterate WHY this large majority of Americans are against building this mosque there. Maybe I just didn’t do a good enough job relating the “WHY”. For that, I apologize.

    Here goes again….The majority of Americans are against building a mosque very close to Ground Zero because: 1). It sends a message to the radical islamic extremists all around the world that Islam is giving them a “win” for killing nearly 3,000 Americans on 9/11/01. 2). It is a poke in the eye of America because it is against the wishes of the majority of the citizens in America. 3). The VAST majority of the families of those Americans killed on 9/11/01 are against this mosque being built there and to them, it disrespects their loved ones that were killed by the radical islamic extremists.

    Now….hopefully people like you, Gary, and everyone else that looks to select only one “reason” that can be used to spin and skew the real truth in this debate know those that are against it are against it for FAR MORE reasons than just because a majority is also against it.

    The left is using this kind of selective arguments more and more but they are finding out that it isn’t working anymore. People are smarter politically today and are learning from the conservative commentators and talkshow hosts and TV “righties”. And they’re learning truth and are taking it to heart.

    Sorry, Gary….that post won’t get much traction with an enlightened viewership here.

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