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Close counts in horseshoes, not politics. But it doesn’t bode well for immigrants.

That’s my reading of the special election for Duke Cunningham’s congressional seat, left vacant when the Dukester admitted to some impressive bribe-taking.

When the Republican candidate got in real trouble, he waved the bloody flag: keep out the immigrants.

He even attacked President Bush as soft on illegals.

It barely worked, but it worked.

With desperate Republicans all over the map, look for more of them to flog the illegal-immigrant issue.

How long will it take Robin Hayes and Charlie Taylor here in North Carolina?

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One comment on “Republicans Find a Lifeline

  1. Te' says:

    This could be a double edged sword for Republicans. Yes, it did work. House candidates all across the country watched what happened in California. If House Republicans decide to dig in their heels and no bill gets passed this year, the Democrats will have a chance to go after the Republicans. The Republicans have control of all three branches of the government and if they can’t get a bill on immigration passed, Democrats will be able to use this as an example of ineffectual leadership.

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