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Will Republicans’ Election Day encounter with reality put them more in touch with reality on global warming, evolution and whether women who are raped get pregnant?
Don’t count on it. Denial is a powerful habit.
In the election’s aftermath, it is clear that the Romney-Republican-Rove-Fox echo chamber fell victim to their own spin. That’s why they were shocked at losing.
Dick Morris about got the electoral-vote count right. But he had Romney winning with over 320 electoral votes. So did George Will. So did a lot of other smart Republican pundits and pollsters.
One polling firm, you recall, quit polling Florida and North Carolina two weeks out because it was clear Romney would win both states overwhelmingly. Hello?

Live on Fox Election Night, Karl Rove denied that reality was happening.
Romney himself was so gobsmacked that he has since lurched from one rationalization to another: It was Obama’s “gifts” to various groups. It was the Republican debates. It was the liberal media.
How about this, Mitt: Your campaign got beat by Team Obama at the very data-and-technology game that business people like you are supposed to be good at.
The evidence that Obama would win was there. Public Policy Polling had it. Nate Silver had it. Dozens of state polls had it. But they were all telling the Echo Chamber what it didn’t want to hear.
Ignorance was its own reward.
Maybe now Republicans will face facts and science on issues important to the future.
Or maybe not.


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One comment on “Republican Reality

  1. dap916 says:

    Yep…”now Republicans will face facts” for sure, Gary. The way to win elections in America will be to offer up give-aways and to go as far away from personal responsibility as you can. All of those that said Obama would win and all of the polling data was right all along. Republicans missed it. They just went with trying to convince Americans that they should be…Americans. But, alas, that wasn’t what the voting majority wanted, sooooooo……….well, we saw the results.

    Karl Rove and Hannity and Rush Limbaugh and Beck and the whole gang at Fox News just didn’t see the HUGE onslaught of entitlement receivers and “others” coming out to vote.

    Yep, they sure did miss that. It’s going to be interesting to see how in the world the republican party can counter this now. I’m a republican, I believe differently than the majority that seems to exist in our country now…and because of that, I’m very bummed out. Guess I’ll have to make sure I take care of what I have and to help my family members with what they have before someone or some entity comes to take it from them so that those that “don’t have” can realize the same thing we achievers have.

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