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Republicans today remind me of Democrats after Reagan won in 1980: Determined to become a permanent minority party.

If I could be a mole and dupe the GOP into a sure-fire strategy for self-immolation, I would keep them doing what some Republicans seem determined to do anyway:

  • Drive GM and Chrysler into bankruptcy.

  • Ignore the economy and focus on tying Obama to Governor Blagojevich.

Most important, go all out to cut autoworkers’ pay – but don’t make a peep about the salaries of the financial executives who are getting bailed out.

I’m no economist. I have no idea whether bankruptcy is the best or the worst solution for the automakers. I do know what the news coverage will be like if the car companies go under. It will be a firestorm about jobs lost, plants closed and lives devastated.

Certainly, I would want the Republicans to get full credit. Just like after 1932, they would spend the next 20 years living down their reputations as modern-day Herbert Hoovers.

Given how bleak the landscape is for the GOP, I understand them going after Obama: “He’s from Illinois, too!” “Rahmbo and Blago talked to each other!” “What did the President-elect know and when did he know it?”

It’s a form of temporary insanity. They can’t abide Obama’s 70 percent approval ratings. And, hey, a drumbeat of hysterical attacks and conspiracy-theorizing worked with Bill Clinton.

Well, sort of.

Now, if they will only make Sarah Palin the presidential nominee in 2012.

Good work, fellows. Keep it up.

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