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I settled into my chair, rocked back, opened a book, and a few minutes later Obama’s measured voice floated across the room saying John Boehner ought to delay the Sequester, then Obama explained how government ought to do more for people with less and it’s only fair the well off pay a little bit more – and whether you agree with him or not Obama’s voice sounds reasonable and logical.
Then the voice of a Republican Congressman speaking in short clipped sentences floated across the room saying Obama invented the Sequester, calling it the Obama-quester three times and it was like listening to a teenage child or Sean Hannity during a rant.
It’s odd: Even as I disagreed with Obama he sounded reasonable. While the Republican Congressman sounded petty and mean.
The next morning in the News & Observer there was a poll about Obama’s soaring approval ratings and Congress’s sinking popularity and Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal – explaining the Republicans’ demise – said, It’s time Republicans started sounding like adults.
As the Lord told St. Peter, The things that come out of a person’s mouth come from the heart: Obama’s got an old-fashioned liberal’s heart and words like ‘saving the middle class’ roll off his tongue like honey. Obama-quester is a kind of vision too but when the word rolled off the Republican Congressman’s tongue it sounded like a howl.


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2 comments on “Reasonable and Petty

  1. dap916 says:

    Sequester…Obamaquester…whatever. It is serving the left well, the right not so well. At the end of the day, who honestly thinks the D.C. bunch will let the provisions in it happen in any way, shape or form? They’ll play it for all it’s worth (and the dems are doing a far better job of that right now), then in the 11th hour, it’ll either be all solved or it’ll be “sort of” solved and much of the provisions in it will be kicked down the road to work on later….and most of that will be under the cloak of secrecy no one ever hears about.

    Gary has a similar post here just below yours, Carter, alluding to how a politician says things sometimes means FAR more than what a politician says.

    It’s just so true. Reagan had this way of saying things, remember? I loved him for that…just like the lefties love Obama for how masterfully he can spin his rhetoric.

  2. clarence swinney says:

    Broad cuts have not filled the promises of job growth
    Reagan 750B cut with 60% for top (70-28%) got only 140B increase in income tax revenue
    His job growth was 175,000 per month to Carter’s 218,000.

    Bush tax cuts were targeted for the top incomes and go 31,000 jobs per month to Clinton’s 237,000.

    Bush had the worst economic and foreign policies in history.
    It was Robber Baron era all over again.
    Since 1945, Democratic presidents created twice s many jobs as Republican presidents.

    Since 1980-2009, three Republican presidents—Republican Senate for 18 years—Republican House for 12 years plus total control for 12 years by Republicans.
    Took 600B budget to 3500B
    A surplus to 1400B Deficit
    Added 9000B of debt to a 1000B of debt in 1980
    Created 99,0000 jobs per month to Carter + Clinton 222,000 per month
    Initiated our involvement in 10 foreign conflicts
    Carter + Clinton initiated zero.
    Gave us Housing Disaster
    Gave us Great Recession
    Let Wall Street turn into a Gambling Casino not business investment Goliath
    Flushed Wealth to top10%
    Outsourced our industries and middle class jobs
    Closed 58,000 plants in ten years
    Hurt middle class by not increasing minimum wage to keep up with inflation
    Destroyed union jobs
    all for Wall Street $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ GOD
    Left Obama a Hell on Earth

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