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I swear it looks like there’s not a peaceful corner on the planet.

We’re bombing the Taliban in Afghanistan. There’s a war in Iraq. And Syria. And Gaza. And this morning NATO reports Russia is about to invade the Ukraine.
It’s like every varmint on the globe got loose at once and went on a rampage.
It makes you wonder where we went wrong?


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3 comments on “Reading the Morning Newspapers

  1. Anonymous says:

    Not to mention the DAILY killings in Chicago and other cities that have the same problems Chicago has and not to mention the killings in Mexico by the cartel and in the states on our Southern border by immigrants coming here that aren’t here to assimilate or be part of our culture. No peace. A preacher friend of mine said this is just more evidence that the “end is near”. Growing up in California I can remember bearded hippie-types standing on street corners with signs that had that quote on them along with John 3:16, of course.

    My opinion? The end might not be the Rapture and the ensuing Tribulation period….but, just the end of freedom and the ability to have reasonable lives for humanity.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Don’t despair, Carter. Our President won the NOBEL PEACE PRIZE for goodness sake. All will be fine.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I almost feel baited into this response. Anyway here goes. This is what happens when America “leads from behind”. This is what happens when no one in the world fears America. This is where James Carter from Georgia took us. His only saving grace was he didn’t have two terms. This is not something that would take a Nostra Damas, I know I misspelled his name but even children could predict these happenings.

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