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In Washington, Republicans vow to fight on against health-care reform.
In WakeCounty, school-diversity supporters vow to fight on against the new board’s reassignment plans.
In Washington, reform opponents marched on the Capitol, and some spit on congressmen and called them not-nice names.
In WakeCounty, diversity supporters protested, demonstrated and even got arrested. There was that striking picture of school board chairman Ron (Archie Bunker) Margiotta being led through the crowd by police and security officials.
But none of the diversity supporters have called for brick-throwing or talked darkly of taking up arms, as one letter-writer did here.
The last time we saw this movie was in the 60s. Then as now, right-wingers warned that we were headed straight to socialism. Then as now, people protested in the streets over race. And, oh yes, there was a war that got people riled up.
Some war opponents even resorted to bombings. Which led Sarah Palin to accuse Barack Obama of “palling around with terrorists.” Is she now encouraging domestic terrorists by urging health-care opponents to “reload”?
Americans have a history of getting riled up over big issues. We fought a Civil War over slavery and states’ rights. We rose up in an armed revolution to be independent.
We were born fighting. But sometimes some few decide to fight with bombs and bullets, not votes and debates. That’s why we have a string of assassinated presidents and politicians.
There is always a dark undercurrent of violence lurking in the American psyche. It has a way of bursting out when emotions are high.
Republicans are playing with fire here. If some nut goes too far, the tide of public opinion could turn dramatically against them.
Bill Clinton’s post-1994 comeback came after the Oklahoma City bombing. It could happen again.


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11 comments on “Protesting Politics

  1. -1 says:

    Which members of Congress got spit on and called “not nice names?” Where is your evidence?

    I submit you are the one spreading hate speech and vitriol by attempting to denounce a group as violent and racist to avoid having to confront them in the arena of ideas. This is evidence of a feeble mind.

  2. -1 says:

    Oh Gary, Gary. You really should pay attention to the latest news headlines, created by none other than our silver tongued Govenor and her lap dog Lanier… Medicaid SWAT teams??

  3. -1 says:

    Do you spend your time listen to Brad @ Brit are reading the NR?
    I know folks that were at that rally and not one backs up your claims.
    Your liberal spin artist can not show one ounce of proof!
    I can show you the video were Dingell said we now control the people.
    I can show you the video that shows Tom Perrillo saying, unless you tie our hands we will keep stealing from you.
    I pray none of our people are involved in any stupidity.
    The best way to deal with you liberals is with facts.

  4. -1 says:

    You refer to the chairman as “ARCHIE BUNKER” which I believe in your little democrat hack way is to say racist.In Nov you can spew to your little leftist heart is content.Maybe you can have a reunion with all the corrupt dems you worked for and rehash the good ol days.

  5. -1 says:

    Absolute drivel.

    You really should educate yourself, Gary.

    Where were you when an effigy of Sarah Palin was hung, and nothing was done about it?

    Where were you when Sarah Palin’s church in Wasilla was burned, with people in it!, and yes, it was arson & remains an unsolved case?

    Where were you when the son of a Democrat legislator hacked into Sarah Palin’s personal e-mail?

    These are actual, dangerous, ACTIONS by the Left, just against one individual, and I didn’t hear you say one thing about how the Left has engaged in ACTUAL criminal behavior against conservatives. I’d bet you a beer or a coffee that conservative Congressmen & Senators receive threats constantly – why don’t you write about that? Threats & hate-speech rants are made against conservatives every single day – by MSNBC hosts as well as “crazies” of the left.

    For you to act like people yelling “socialism” are stirring things up, which results in angry death threats against Democrat Congressmen, is just plain stupid. Read the articles on Breitbart – the allegations of racial etc. epithets yelled at Democrat congressmen at the Tea Party demonstration on Sun. March 21 are largely baseless. No videos showing people yelling the “n-word” or the “f-word” have been found, even though there are videos of legislators walking by the demonstrators. And NOBODY was arrested. It’s all part of an orchestrated campaign BY THE LEFT to make the Tea Party folks, and anyone who disagrees with Obama, to look like stark raving mad lunatics.

    The left-wing Raleigh N&O portrays the protestors against the new Wake school board majority policies, attending a candle-lit vigil, holding hands, & singing “we shall overcome”, when the REALITY of the protest the next day included 3 arrests of actual socialists, including one Dante Strobino, head of Raleigh FIST (Fighting Imperialism Standing Together), which advocates for REVOLUTION and SOCIALISM. Did the N&O report this – NO.

    The liberal press is purposely publishing lies, and they know it. And any decent, rational Democrat, which I’d like to think you are, Gary – had better stand up, grow a set, and loudly & repeatedly CONDEMN threats & lying & any & all violent actions.

    None other other the “Rev” Al Sharpton, recent frequent visitor to the White House and close advisor to the President, said that when people voted for Obama, they voted for socialism, and they should have known that’s what they were getting.

    Republicans playing with fire? No, Gary – it is the progressive, pro-socialism Democrats, and those old-style Dems who sit silently by, not wanting to alienate their fellow party members, who are playing with fire.

    Just now watching the news on Fox – REPUBLICAN Rep. Eric Cantor’s campaign office was shot at last night, plus he’s received threats, and he’s saying to treat this as a law enforcement matter. The Dems, including DNC head Kaine et al, are inflaming matters by using these events for political purposes – he’s exactly right. I’m sure it will be on You Tube – you should watch it Gary.

    I call on you, Gary Pearce, to clearly & unequivocally call for an end to threats of violence AND actual violence against conservatives & Republicans.

  6. -1 says:

    Great comments all! I’m glad I’m not the only one fighting back against this vitriolic hate speech being spewed by the ignorant members of the left. Their template that anyone opposed to a govt. takeover of healthcare is a racist, bigot, homophobe cannot stand when faced with facts and logic. If Gary does not respond to these comments and revise his above remarks, he is a coward.

  7. -1 says:

    It is interesting that the first Congressman or Senator to have his office used for target practice with live rounds is one of the GOP leaders in the fight against Obamacare, Rep. Eric Cantor (R-Va.)

    Looks like the leftie wingnuts are on the warpath!

  8. -1 says:

    You see Gary, everyone here has something you don’t…a logical mind. You are a moral relativist. You and all the rest of your liberal friends, when faced with a logical argument, hurl insults rather than debate on the merits. That type of operation works on those low foreheads that are too lazy to work. It works on those that would rather the government provide for them than make their own way. You are simply too ignorant to respond with anything other than emotional name calling.

    Hey Gary, let’s see how logical you can be. Here is a real simple question I want you to answer for me…

    If I punch a pregnant woman in the stomach and the baby dies I am guilty of Murder in NC. If the pregnant woman punches herself in the stomach and the baby dies she is celebrated by the Pro Abortion groups.

    Please explain to me the logic in that statement. I want to understand and I need your help.

  9. -1 says:

    Gary, you rock.

  10. -1 says:

    Let’s remember where violence and intimidation first surfaced in the struggle over Healthcare Deform. It was when the Obama apparatchiks called in the SEIU labor union goon squads to try to initimidate the citizens who turned out in large numbers to protest against Obamacare at town hall meetings.

  11. -1 says:

    “If some nut goes too far, the tide of public opinion could turn dramatically against them.”

    I agree. This is why the public is turning dramatically against this arrogant, incompetent administration.

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