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These aren’t lofty matters of principle. They’re raw, partisan power politics.
In Wisconsin and New Jersey, the battles are between Republican governors and public employee unions.
In North Carolina, the battles are over voter IDs and – soon – redistricting.
Even Democrats who don’t like public employee unions see unions – and their money – as essential to winning election and regaining the ground lost in 2010.
Here, the voter ID battle could decide whether North Carolina truly is a battleground in 2012. If the bill is enacted, the Obama campaign could decide the state is out of reach and spend money and time elsewhere – Charlotte convention notwithstanding.
On redistricting, some Democrats fear party leaders have their heads in the sand and aren’t girding for battle the way Republicans are: like hiring Kieran Shanahan to draw new lines for the WakeCounty school board.
Will it be a replay of the Democratic “wuss” streak that hamstrung the party in the 1980s, when it knuckled under to bare-knuckled Republican politics nationally and in the state?


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3 comments on “Power Plays

  1. dap916 says:

    What “principle” is it you’re talking about, my friend?

    I mean, I ask you if you’d like to see government workers in North Carolina unionized. Would you? Care to answer, Gary?

    Now, this voter ID thingy is more about politics than what’s right. “It will cost a bunch of money for our state”…okay, so how’s that gonna happen? I mean, what cost will be included in someone getting an ID? Even those that can’t afford to get food or housing or health care can get public assistance if they can “travel” somewhere. I mean…I’m thinkin’ that if they can do that…why not just “travel” to get their ID while they’re “traveling” to get what they “need”? You know what I’m saying. And, those that are infirmed can get a visit from a social worker or some other govt. worker to get him/her registered…of course showing proof they’re qualified.

    But, the truth is, that’s not the problem. Just how many of those that don’t want to go to vote or can’t go to vote have someone go to vote “for them”….saying they are them? No statistics on that, of course, because it’s not something anyone can identify. Huh constantly says there’s no proof of voter fraud so this voter ID bill is unnecessary. Well…the proof isn’t easy to find and there’s a lot of roadblocks to find that fraud.

    A law would end that. End of story.


  2. dap916 says:

    I understand everything you’ve presented here…and the issues are many, of course.

    I’d like to respond to the “redistricting” issue. The democrats have gerrymandered this state so that there is a predominance of democratic representatives. I think even you, Gary, would agree with that. It was legal..even though it was wrong, of course.

    Now, I’m not on board with republicans doing that same thing by making congressional districts…or any districts for that matter…to “favor” one party over another. I am for making districts that include people that have equal priorities. Now, that takes away the race issue, of course…but, it should. No longer should we have congressional districts that include predominantly republican voters…or black/democratic voters…or even native indian voters. We should have districts where the predominant focus is agriculture or industry or tourism etc. That’s how our districts should be formed.

    Politics takes away from our quest to make NC great. And, it has for many, many years. Now is the time to end that.


  3. Reaganite says:

    What we have in Wisconsin is a war between greedy grasping public employee union bosses on one hand and the taxpayers on the other.

    If the Democrats want to grab the short end of the stick and cozy up to the public employee union bosses, have at it! You are welcome to that tar baby. We Republicans will stand with the taxpayers, thank you!

    The public employee unions were the biggest spenders in the last election, backing Democrats. The more this alliance is exposed, the more it is going to help Republicans. Even FDR understood that public employees should not be unionized and he warned against it.

    The fleebagger Dem legislators are also making fools out of themselves. Hopefully, the legislature will put through a Right to Work law in their absence. The public employee unions will have a hard time explaining how they set up that one to their trade union buddies.

    One of the key provisions of the Walker bill that sends the union bosses into orbit is its provision to protect workers rights. It ends the requirement that anyone working for state government has to join the union. That is striking a major blow for individual freedom. It also will require the union to collect its own dues from its own members, instead of the state doing that.

    Governor Walker needs to stand firm and cut the union bosses down to size.

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