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The Brasstown possum’s landed back in court.
Up in the mountains, in Brasstown, there’s a gentleman who celebrates each New Year’s Eve by putting a possum in a box, suspending the box from the top of a general store, then, as the clock ticks down to midnight, dropping the possum to the town square just like the Yankees drop a crystal ball from atop a skyscraper above Times Square.
Only using a live possum instead of a crystal ball landed him in hot water with PETA which sued, saying he was abusing the poor nocturnally shy critter, which led to the politicians getting into the act (against the possum).
State Legislators passed a law saying the Wildlife Commission, no matter how unkind PETA felt it was, could grant the fellow a license for his ‘possum drop’ so last New Year’s Eve Brasstown celebrated again but PETA caught ’em in a mistake: The fellow put the possum in the wrong box or, at least, in a different box from the box his state license required.
This time PETA sued the Wildlife Commission for dereliction of duty and the whole thing landed back in court only, this time, with the Attorney General battling PETA.
And that’s when things took a bizarre turn.
The Attorney General asked the judge to dismiss PETA’s lawsuit as foolishness but the judge said no.
Then PETA asked the judge to make a ‘Declaratory Judgment’ in the possum’s favor – but the judge said no a second time. 
So now there’s going to be a full-blown trial over not the possum or the possum drop but the box the possum was dropped in – with taxpayers footing the bill for the Attorney General’s lawyers.
All in all it’s a pretty good example of the old-fashioned out of favor idea we’re all better off when the government does less not more – if the state legislature hadn’t gotten into the business of licensing ‘possum drops’ then PETA and the fellow from Brasstown could be battling it out to their hearts’ content while the rest of us peacefully watch the ball fall in Times Square on New Year’s Eve.


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5 comments on “Possum Tales

  1. Anonymous says:

    Oh, for crying out loud. Tying up the court system and spending a bunch of money for a possum drop even when the possum doesn’t even get hurt….well, this is absurd, folks.

    I chuckled reading this Carter. Maybe that was your intention. If so, it worked. We’re worried about a possum drop on New Years Eve here on Talking About POLITICS. Wonderful.

    Let’s talk about the Muslim/traitor release in exchange for 5 terrorists that want to hurt America or the people that died waiting for VA care because of VA officials putting them on secret waiting lists for care or an Ambassador and 3 others killed because of a lack of intervention by this current administration. Me thinks those things are FAR more important than a possum in the wrong box.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I see a possum tax in our future. Possibly also a license to drop a possum. Government also looks for ways to take away citizens property. I do believe we have long passed that point where we think something has actually has gone too far. With government that point is never reached.

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