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**Gary is taking a break from blogging and he asked a few Tapsters to post a few blogs. Here is one a Tapster sent in:
The rankings of the allegedly most influential lobbyists were released last week by the NC Center for Public Policy Research. This biennial joke was greeted by the usual laughter and derisive snorts from knowledgeable insiders who see the list for the pitiful sham that it is.
Most pros concede that top-ranked lobbyist Dana Simpson probably deserves his spot, as do some of those in the top 10. After that, it’s pretty sketchy. The top half of the list includes a handful of nice people who couldn’t pass or kill a bill if they had to, and includes some treacherous backstabbers who spend more time lobbying for their spot on the list than on issues for their clients. Some folks in the bottom half of the rankings are complete nobodies.
So, here’s a sincere call to Center boss Ran Coble to come clean. Be transparent! Tell us how many votes each lobbyist received from legislators, lobbyists and the media.
Ran, you really need to do this. The 2012 fantasy list hurts the credibility of your organization. It’s simply not believable that the list published by the Center reflects the actual outcome of the vote. It looks contrived and manipulated.
If you are unwilling to be transparent, then quit doing the poll and leave the comedy lists to Letterman.



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2 comments on “Popcorn Politics

  1. dap916 says:

    Luther, can we define what a “TAPster” is here? I mean, it seems there is some secret TAPster element here on I mean, I hear so much presented from Gary about “TAPsters” saying this or that…yet, never, ever do we see these folks presenting anything on the front page or on the Forum. Who are these “TAPsters”, actually?

    I think what Gary believs are TAPsters are his fellow “followers” and friends in his liberal/progressive thought. No one can be a TAPster if they don’t take part in the discussion here…IMO.

    Maybe I’m not seeing who these people are. Can you explain that to us?


  2. lsnyder says:

    Sure, Gary calls people who email him or talk to him about a blog he has posted or a general fan/reader a “Tapster”. Some are anonymous and some are not. Gary usually names the ones who are. Nation Hahn is one.

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