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With the State Board of Elections and a Federal Grand Jury investigating Mike Easley, and the FBI and Securities and Exchange Commission asking questions about Tony Rand manipulating penny stocks Democrats can’t catch a break — and now a state Grand Jury has found probable cause Senator R.C. Soles, one of the Democratic old bulls in the State Senate, committed a felony assault by shooting a former law client.
Senator Soles has always been a colorful character – years and years ago a story made the rounds about a surprised highway patrolman who stopped Soles one night, only to find him wearing a dress, driving home from a masquerade party – the story’s probably a complete fiction but it’s made its way into North Carolina political folklore nonetheless.
There’s also a pretty good – though less colorful – story about Soles and Tony Rand in Richard Morgan’s memoir, The Fourth Witch.
With Easley spending $10,000 in campaign money to fix his house, Rand’s penny stocks, Soles shooting his clients and Governor Perdue issuing edicts to clean up corruption while her administration gives her son’s client tax incentives it just seems politics gets stranger every day. It almost makes you wistful for the good old days when the most exciting thing in North Carolina politics was the Secretary of Agriculture hosting ‘Mule Day.’


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