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The vote is a powerful thing. In less than a year, it has taken immigrants from pariah to power in American politics.
This week, Tea Party centerfold Rand Paul softened his position on immigration. (Remember when Mitt Romney called for “self-deportation”?) Paul’s 2016 rival Marco Rubio – and other Republicans – had already beat a retreat.
Yesterday, the McCrory administration backed off pink-striping immigrants’ drivers’ licenses.
And one of the legislature’s red-hots who wants to take a big stick to immigrants talked a bit more softly. Rep. Mark Brody of Monroe said: “I know the Hispanic community was pretty upset. Everybody needs to be treated with respect.”
Especially when they vote.


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2 comments on “Politics 101

  1. dap916 says:

    I’m pretty sure it is “illegal” immigrants that you’re talking about, isn’t it, Gary? It’s just so much nicer to refer to these people as just immigrants for you, I guess.

    If the latino popuation in America voted predominantly republican, you’d be singing a completely different tune…don’t even try to argue that because it would just make you look foolish. But, alas, latinos vote mostly democratic and the republican leadership all around the country knows this and is grasping at straws at what to do about it. Adding another 11 + million Mexican illegal immigrants into our “citizen” class will just add 11 + million new democratic voters, and that’s going to be difficult to overcome for republicans if some kind of amnesty happens. So, what it looks like to me is what they’re doing is to get these people to be here “legally” without any short term chance at citizenship.

    The plan by Paul has some objectives, I think. It is to first close the boarder…I mean, only an idiot thinks that shouldn’t be priority one with ANY immigration reform plan? Then, it is to identify the illegal immigrants we have here and get them some sort of legal identification so that they can work here legally and pay taxes on what they earn. It also includes a long, tedius task toward citizenship that puts these people behind people now seeking citizenship the right way. It’s not perfect, of course, but it’s a good plan because the option of “shipping them all back” is not viable.

    This is a loser political issue for republicans no matter what they do. Latinos see republicans (the republican party) as being anti-illegal immigrant and that makes them appear to be racist against all Latinos…even though that’s not true. Perception is far more important in politics than facts and truths.

    The problem as you’ve alluded to is that if republicans appear to be too strong against illegals and want our immigration laws enforced, they continue to alienate Hispanics/Latinos and will not change their vote. If the republican leadership backs off and capitulates to some of the wishes of the groups supporting the illegals, they suffer the ire of a large number of republican grass roots folks that want laws pertaining to illegal immigration enforced. It’s a conundrum for republicans, for sure.

    The Forum here has a thread on this very issue with Paul and it has gotten a great deal of participation….so it’s a hot-button issue right now.

  2. Reaganite says:

    Typical Democrat distortion. The issue is NOT about ”immigrants”. It is about ILLEGAL immigrants, those who arrogantly thumb their nose at our laws to enter our country illegally and take jobs from our citizens.

    Indeed, pandering to illegal immigrants is what is really anti-immigrant, since it gives them a preference – indeed a aracial preference – over those aspiring immigrants who play by the rules, applying properly at our consulates aboarad, and then accepting the rejection when they are denied and remaining in their home country instead of illegally invading ours. ALL of the plans to pander to the illegal aliens give them a huge preference over the LEGAL aspiring immigrants and that is immoral and unfair.

    The lies about illegals being put at ”the back of the line” and just that – lies. That is because those who play by the rules never get in the line to begin with and the lawbreaking illegals are therefore ahead of them.

    Those who play by the rules are usually much better candidates for citizenship than the illegals streaming in from Mecico. Those who play by the rules usually have better education and skills and better knowledge of the English language. Indeed many who play by the rules and are rejected by US consulates around the world are then accepted by Canada because they do have excellent education and/or skills and have passed the quite difficult Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) test. Canada gets the cream of the crop on immigrants and we get the dregs.

    The Heritage Foundation has estimated in a thorough report than amnesty for illegal aliens would cost America at least $2.6 Trillion. The loophole being used by illegal aliens in the Child Tax Credit is already costing $24 Billion over ten years. Another study shows that households headed by Mexican immigrants are on Foodstamps at a rate of 45.3%, compared to 24.1% of all families headed by immigrants and 13.9% of all families headed by native born Americans. Illegal immigration is just another Democrat boondoggle and those Republicans who go along with it are betraying their principles and their voters.

    Politicians who pander to the illegals are disgusting and not what we need leading our country. Rewarding prople for breaking the law is undermining the Rule of Law.

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