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The most recent Elon Poll showed why politics is hard. Asked whether they support higher taxes or job cuts to balance the state budget, a majority of North Carolinians just said no.
They don’t want either.
No, that’s not logical. But voters don’t have to be logical.
This dilemma was captured recently by a cartoon. It showed one of those pie charts about where federal tax dollars go: Social Security, defense, Medicare and Medicaid, general government, etc.
Then it showed another chart. A small slice – maybe 2 percent – was “Programs That Benefit Me Personally.” The rest of the chart was labeled “Waste.”


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2 comments on “Pie in the Sky

  1. dap916 says:

    hahahahahaha…so, the only choices on that Elon Poll were 1). higher taxes…and 1). job cuts ?????

    HAHAHAHAHAHA…c’mon Gary. What a stoopid poll. That’s it? That’s the only two choices? Not other options?

    Now….let’s think…Um…duh…whatcha think the majority would choose there?

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA…my goodness. Have we come to this…really?

  2. Carbine says:

    Gary, your party’s philosophy for over a generation has been “ask what the government can give you or do for you, and be outraged if it isn’t more, more, more.” You and your fellow Democrats have spent your careers trying to convince North Carolinians that government can and should do everything for you, give you all you want, and make ‘someone else’ pay for it. And you all have demonized any attempt, however lame, by Republicans to speak out for traditional American values of personal responsibility and independence. Is it really any wonder people answer such polls as they do?

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