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There’s a full throated debate going on in Washington – Republicans are saying ‘the Sequester’ wasn’t their idea, it was Obama’s idea, and the White House is saying, ‘Obama’s idea! John Boehner not only voted for the Sequester, after it passed he bragged he’d gotten 98% of what he wanted.’
Meanwhile the Republicans, after frantically searching for a way to match the President’s bully-pulpit, at last have found one by whacking Obama with the Twitter hashtag #Obamaquester.
So here’s where we stand: Two years ago, Obama invented the Obamaquester to cut spending, and, two years ago, John Boehner was for it (98%). But now Obama’s against it. And so are the Republicans. And the whole thing’s clear as a bell on Twitter.


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5 comments on “Perfectly Clear on Twitter

  1. dap916 says:

    Posted 5:45pm 2/11/13

    Oh yeah…the “sequester”. hahahahaha…is there really anyone that doesn’t know that this will never happen? I mean, let’s look at all of the “debt ceiling” debate that has gone on lately. “This will happen”…”That will happen”. And, at the end of the day, our wonderful D.C. legislators just get something in place to continue to borrow more and more and kick the can down the road. Anyone think the sequester will actually happen? It’s just something for the two parties to provide rhetoric and spin about and do a little chest pounding. No way D.C. would EVER let this happen. It was a ruse from day one and it’s a ruse now.

    An “agreement” will be achieved in the 11th hour and it’ll all be solved and all will be good. And, nothing will be achieved. Business as usual.

    Wait and see.

  2. clarence swinney says:

    Today, 10% control 73% of net wealth, 83% of financial wealth and get 43% of individual income.
    Top 400 have more wealth than 50%.
    Tax Code—Tax top 10% at 50% effective tax rate
    Top 20% get 60 % of exemptions—Bottom 20% get 3%
    Vote System change—6 months –3 primary—3 general—free equal tv time
    a debate a week=12=adequate to evaluate candidates.
    No personal or outside money contributions.
    Money out of government—Illegal for any Federal official to accept anything with a monetary value.

  3. dap916 says:

    Posted 2/12/13 10:35am

    The more things change in Washington, the more they stay the same. How many times have I heard that? Still applies, doesn’t it? Who doesn’t think that all of this sequester stuff will be the topic of the day right up until the 11th hour and then, miraculously, they’ll all reach an agreement with each side saying they got what they wanted.

    What ever happened to “priority #1”? You know…jobs. I know it’s a cliche now, but the only jobs our legislators are interested in are their own. And, that isn’t party-specific.

    It seems there’s always some pending disaster looming in the nation’s capitol that our representatives have to solve which keeps them from actually doing anything positive for “we the people”.

  4. dap916 says:

    Posted 2/12/13 5:44pm EST

    Swinney, do you drink? I mean, your posts here on TAP are just so far out and so ludicrous and so incorrect, it makes me wonder if you aren’t just some lush that goes on political blogsites and spews b.s. just to get some kind of reaction.

    Yeah, I sometimes double-post on a thread presented here and I sometimes make dumb-ass remarks and sometimes present stuff that is easy to challenge…but you? You seem to be an idiot. None of your “facts” and “figures” make any sense and are way out of the range of believable. I guess you’re posting them for those that are radical left wing to see and say: “yeah, man…good one…you tell ’em…word!” hahahahaha…Well, at least it provides most of us that read TAP regularly something to laugh about. Thanks for that, swinney.

  5. Carbine says:

    Nice try, Dap, but I doubt he can understand you. From his postings it does not appear that he processes information in the normal way. I don’t think it’s alcohol; I’m guessing that it’s a lack of prescribed pharmaceuticals.

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