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Governor Perdue can’t catch a break.
Today should have been a big news day for her: North Carolina winning one of the 10 “Race to the Top” selections.
That’s a big step forward in school reform. And, by the way, one of the most significant and least recognized achievements of the Obama administration.
But that story competes with headlines about her campaign being fined $30,000 for not reporting flights in the 2008 campaign.
Elections Board, Highway Patrol, SBI (not under her, but do people know that?). It’s hard to climb out of the muck in Raleigh.


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2 comments on “Perdue's Luck

  1. Brunette says:

    Perdue can’t catch a break? She just got away with complete failure to report (and likely intentional concealment of) transactions that she is required by law to provide.

    Chairman Leake has just sent the message far and wide that if you decide not to report your campaign expenditures or contributions during the relevant period required by law, you get off pretty easily by simply saying, “OOPS.”

    If Strach’s report did not provide evidence suggestive of an intentional withholding of information, then I don’t know sort of evidence would ever be enough for SBOE to call for public hearings.

    The SBOE vote along party lines was an absolute disgrace, and undergirds any claim that the SBOE members are acting outside of partisan interest.

  2. Carbine says:

    It’s one of the least recognized achievements of the Obama administration because it goes against the ideology of his closest political allies–organized labor and a big chunk (the majority) of the academic community. Their reactions to his ideas on education range from uncomfortable suspicion to outright hostility. But outside of a very few esoteric education news outlets no one will cover that story. To the mainstream media, “Obama administration vs. teachers’ union” simply does not compute, they can’t get their heads around it.

    I applaude the Obama administration’s education agenda, though I am dubious of his adding billions of dollars in debt to achieve it. I also think he (or his education secretary, Arne Duncan) failed to back up their big talk about support for charter schools. Had they been serious about charters, no way would North Carolina have won a dime, as we are going in the opposite direction in that area.

    But even a conservative like myself must admit that Governor Dumpl’n and her education team brought home the bacon on this one. I’ll bet she finds a way to keep the money out of the hands of charters though, despite telling the feds in the state’s RTTT application she would do otherwise.

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