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It’s hard to tell whether Governor Perdue’s deal with the Indians proves you can sell a Democratic Governor just about anything by saying it’ll help education or whether it proves our Democratic Governor figures she can sell the rest of us just about anything by saying it’ll help education.
Last Tuesday, the Governor announced she’s going to allow Las Vegas style gambling with croupiers and roulette wheels and sleeve gartered dealers on the Cherokee Indian Reservation because the Chief of the Cherokees is going to give the state part of the tribe’s winnings for the public schools.
The Governor waxed eloquent over her deal and criticized Republican legislators for not saying, Amen, then, three days later the video poker industry announced that since the Governor favors roulette wheels and live dealers at Harrah’s in Cherokee she ought to have no objection to their putting video poker machines in bars and convenience stores and that they’d be willing to share their winnings with the state as well.
So, now, we may find out whether the Governor’s deal with the Indians is really about education – or whether it’s about the $518,000 the Cherokee Indian Tribe has given the state Democratic party since 2004.


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2 comments on “Perdue and Indians

  1. Carbine says:

    Does it prove you can sell a Democratic governor anything by saying it will help education, or does it prove she thinks she can sell the voters anything by saying it will help education?


  2. Chris says:

    Why does the State even have a say in it? It is the CHEROKEE reservation, after all. Sovereign nation and all.

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