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Paul Tine is a rare and endangered species: a centrist Democrat who represents a Republican-leaning district in the N.C. House. The Democratic Party needs him – and more like him.
I met Paul for the first time at a fundraiser this week. He’s young, smart and candid. I know his district, House 6, which covers Dare, Hyde, Washington, and parts of Beaufort County. It has some of the poorest parts of the state, along with the beach, resort and retirement areas of Dare.
He was straightforward in telling his liberal-leaning audience that the issues important to them aren’t always what his constituents care about. They’re worried about just getting from Point A to Point B in places that depend on ferries that get delayed, bridges that get shut down and roads that get washed out.
Listening to him, it struck me that if he were in politics for personal ambition alone, he’d probably be a Republican. They’d love to have an articulate, attractive businessman with his record and family – his wife Whitney, who may be a better politician than he is, and their two sons.
So he’s got guts and principles, and I like that.
And I liked the karma. The reception was at the home of Joyce Fitzpatrick and Jay Stewart. Joyce and Jay bought the house from Al Adams, the former state representative from Raleigh. Al was Terry Sanford’s law partner and protégé. I suspect Terry had been in the house talking politics more than a few times.
To channel my inner Lloyd Bentsen: I knew Terry Sanford. Terry Sanford was a friend of mine. I worked with Terry Sanford. And I know what Terry would have said if he’d been there: “We need Paul Tine. And you need to help him.”
Listen to Terry. Help Paul. Click here.


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2 comments on “Paul Tine

  1. Anonymous says:

    Yes, by all means, help Paul Tine. Gary is right here…he’s a rare breed within the democratic party of today. Not a socialist liberal that believes that everyone on Earth should be “equal” regardless of effort and ability even if it takes government to make that happen. Not sure who on the GOP side is running against Mr. Tine, but if Tine is what Pearce says he is here…it doesn’t matter. I care FAR more about policy and beliefs than I do party….totally different than Gary Pearce who is willing to go against all that is sacred in democratic politics today and against all that he espouses almost daily here to support a centrist, moderate democratic candidate that even he says would probably make a very good republican.

    If you take a real close look at this post by Gary Pearce. it will tell you all you really need to know about just how disingenuous he really is.

  2. Anonymous says:

    How do you Gary square Paul Tine with the marxist socialist that have taken over the Democratic Party. I give your party about 10 more years before everyone of Paul Tine’s like to look for cover. He may be all the things you say, but he is going to be getting pressure from those who call all the shots in your party and his choice aint going to be all that great. You got the remainder of Obama’s term along with the 8 years of Hillary and that will finish off the federal governmen. I know Paul is a N.C. representative, not on of the federal guys but it all rolls down hill. Once the media learn how to do in the states what they do on a federal level, the same group will control it all. Good luck.

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