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Sometimes the hardest and smartest thing to do – in politics as in life – is just to watch and wait.
Some patience now will pay off in the long run for North Carolina Democrats.
Governor McCrory already stumbled by giving his new Cabinet big pay raises. Dick and Jane at home get that – and don’t like it. That’s big money to them, and they don’t buy it’s hard for government officials to live on $100,000-plus salaries.
Then immigrants get a letter from the Governor and General Tata revoking their drivers licenses. So much for the idea that Republicans should stop alienating Hispanic voters.
And the legislature hasn’t even started. Wait until Speaker Tillis and Senator Berger try to out-bid the other for the Tea Party vote in the Republican U.S. Senate primary. While Senator Rucho abolishes the income tax and raises everybody’s sales tax. While Governor McCrory tries to drive just right of the center of the road.
Wait until hundreds of new political appointees begin diving into their new jobs in all the Cabinet departments, eager to undo 114 years of Democratic rule and set everything Right overnight.
In sports, coaches often say: let the game come to you. It’s coming.


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