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Governor McCrory has a bad habit: He says what he thinks will impress the person in front of him. That gets a politician in trouble. And it has him.
It’s why he’s breaking his promise on abortion. It’s why he made himself a punching bag over whether he was in a Moral Monday crowd.
His eventual Moral Monday story sounded like Jon Lovitz’s “Pathological Liar” character: “Yeah, that’s it: I was walking down the street and somebody in a crowd cussed me. It was a Moral Monday crowd. Yeah, that’s the ticket.”
When asked at a debate last year what abortion restrictions he would support, McCrory shot back: “None.” It sounded good at the time. But now he has to resort to almost Clintonesque word-parsing to explain his about-face.
Same thing with Moral Monday crowds. Maybe he figured nobody in Raleigh would hear what he said in Wilson. Sorry, Governor, there is that darned Internet.
It took his communications office 24 hours to even try to explain that away.
Early on, McCrory got carried away in a radio interview with Big Bill Bennett and blasted college liberal-arts studies. He has been backing away from that gaffe for months.
Rob Christensen wrote Sunday: “McCrory, who, like many politicians, has a strong desire to be liked and a thin skin for criticism, seems shell-shocked. The turmoil has left him muttering about ‘outsiders’ protesting in Raleigh and complaining about his treatment in the news media.”
The way things are going, he may fire his communications staff again.


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One comment on “Pat Pops Off

  1. dap916 says:

    This abortion thingy is gonna come back to haunt McCrory over and over again…especially on left-leaning blogsites and in the liberal portion of the NC media. It’s his to own…no doubt about that.

    But, Christensen’s depiction of McCrory as being “shell-shocked” is ridiculous. That’s what he wants people to see by throwing that out there…but, where’s the proof of that? How, exactly, has he seemed “shell-shocked”? Just saying it doesn’t make it so.

    McCrory is most certainly a politician and does and says many things just like any other politician…..trying to play both sides on many issues. With regard to abortion, he needs to shut his pie hole and just do what he thinks is right and let the chips fall where they may and be damned with his previous “political” statements. Best thing he can do if he is adamant about changing what he said in the first place is to admit he was wrong in saying it and stop ever discussing it publicly again.

    I’m pretty sure he won’t take my advice on that 🙂

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