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The 2008 Presidential campaign has been described as a freak show, a demolition derby and a two-year exercise in the politics of personal destruction. The race is already being decried by the high-minded journalistic and academic elite for its length, cost and brutality.


What we actually have here is the perfect process for picking a President. Here’s why:

  • The race turns candidates and their aides into sleep-deprived, caffeine-crazed zombies forced to make critical decisions while fatigued and distracted. Just like in the White House.

  • Every step you take and every sound you make is instantly accessible to the world on the Internet. Just like in the White House.

  • Your enemies comb through your entire life, public and private, mining for nuggets of dirt and putting a magnifying glass to every flaw. Just like in the White House.

  • The other party stops at nothing to defame you, distort your ideas and destroy your life. Just like in the White House.

  • The media cynically turns every proposal you make inside out for exaggerations and inconsistency – and questions the motivation behind everyone who gives you a campaign contribution. Just like in the White House.

The question may be why anyone would want to be in the White House. Former Presidents do OK after they leave. They make lots of money. They escape the press. They eventually achieve elder-statesmanship. They get nice libraries glorifying them.

Not so much the people who work for them. They’re lucky to get out without being indicted and owing a fortune in legal bills.

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