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With much fanfare just before she left office Governor Perdue announced she’d made a grand deal to lease Raleigh all of the land at Dix Hospital for 99 years. When the deal landed in the newspapers, a friend, who’s spent a good part of his life buying and selling real estate, called, laughed and said, 325 acres of land in downtown Raleigh is worth a lot more than $500,000 a year. Then he added, How on earth do you reckon they got around the requirement the state has to get competitive bids when it sells land?
There was much celebrating in Raleigh – about the only person who had a discouraging word to say was Senate Leader Phil Berger who allowed Perdue’s deal just didn’t pass the smell test.
For the next three months peace reigned then with its usual delicacy the State Senate charged out of its corner swinging – it was like a blitzkrieg: Boom, boom, boom – a Senator filed a bill to kill the deal, held a hearing and the bill passed.
The fur flew: A line of prominent Raleigh business leaders (who liked Perdue’s deal) proclaimed they were horrified, just horrified, the state would break its word and renege on a contract – no honorable person, they said, would do that.
Of course, being called dishonorable (by folks who’d just cut a sweetheart deal with the state) didn’t sit too well with the folks in the Senate. When business leader Jim Goodman testified at the Senate hearing he said breaking that contract was “not honorable” so many times it rubbed Senator Tom Apodaca the wrong way, so Apodaca let fly with a broadside of his own declaring he didn’t appreciate being threatened or intimidated.
Now, Jim Goodman, who owns several hundred million dollars worth of television stations, sure would intimidate me but the Senators didn’t even blink.
On paper, the Dix lease certainly looks like a sweetheart deal and John Hood over at the Locke Foundation reports the land’s worth five times more than Raleigh paid. And even the folks who like Perdue’s deal aren’t disagreeing – instead, they’re arguing it’s a fine deal because creating a 325 acre park in downtown Raleigh will be a great boost for the economy.
On the other hand, there’s also no doubt our friends over in the State Senate have a gift for bellicosity – they can crank up and get rolling faster than a panzer tank when sometimes, especially when they’re right, a little finesse might accomplish the same goal with a bit more gentility. Anyhow, now, we’ve got a brawl on our hands with Raleigh’s most prominent business leaders hollering cancelling a sweetheart deal is a rotten thing to do and it’s not a pretty spectacle.
Before it was shuttered Dorothea Dix was the state’s mental hospital – maybe they ought to reopen it for one day and hold a ‘pacification therapy’ session to calm everybody down – before the House votes.


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7 comments on “Pacification Therapy

  1. clarence swinney says:

    CBO projects annual deficits of 800B under the current tax code. We M U S T increase Revenues
    by tax increases or economic growth.
    Bob Burnett listed ten taxes to raise needed revenue
    Tax Fossil Fuels ($1179 Billion)
    Limited Deductions for wealthy ($521 billion)
    Close loopholes for moving jobs overseas ($168 Billion)
    Eliminate write offs for meals and entertainment–($140Billion)
    Eliminate breaks for inventory accounting-(($70 Billion)
    End tax breaks for oil, coal and gas -($25 Billion)
    Close Romney carried interest loophole–($21 Billion)
    Eliminate the “S corporation”–($11 Billion)
    Eliminate subsidies for agribusiness–($10Billion)
    These 10 generate $2155 Billion of Revenue
    Only the first (fossil fuels ) affect the average American
    Tax MUST be increased in an equitable manner

  2. Choo says:

    How about a law that when legislators are out of office, and sell any property, they must be required to sell it at 40% below market value. Let them sell their property at an undervalued price.

  3. dap916 says:

    Kinda makes you wonder why the Raleigh business leaders want this. I there something in it for them? Yeah…I think so.

  4. clarence swinney says:

    Deficits are gone. Budget is balanced and expect a surplus soon.
    Republicans caused the huge deficits with tax cuts and blocking every attempt to help the sick economy and demanded more tax cuts for the wealthy.

    Jerry Brown was elected with a supermajority of Democrats and passed tax increases.
    The state economy is creating jobs and they are even building a high -speed rail system.
    Revenue will rise as the economy continues to improve and unemployment benefits and food stamps will fall.

    The nation has a deficit problem but it is not as important as jobs nor the wealth inequality that is killing the middle class and stifling growth.

    We need modernizing our infrastructure, using American made products to invest in energy efficient solar and wind technologies, education, courts and medical facilities.

    It will take a Democratic majority in Congress. The people’s party.

  5. clarence swinney says:

    The GW BUSH LIBRARY is opening. Wonder if it contains my list on his Lies and 60 waffles? google-clarence swinney + Bush 254 Lies and + 60 waffles

    C. W. S winney is a retired business executive who lives in North Carolina.  He voted for Nixon, Carter, Reagan twice, and then G.W.H. Bush. 

    He says he was “apolitical” until 1991, when he ” happened on Haynes Johnson Sleepwalking Through History book in a local library.” 

    He was shocked at what he learned about Reagan, and has since become enthralled with Bill Clinton and become a historian of 1980’s and 1990’s.  He has a library of over 100 hours of Clinton speeches, including all his state of the union addresses, has collected over 200,000 pages from print media and has purchased over 500 books on the 1980’s and 1990’s. His library contains 200 Notebooks of Data such as budgets-debt-deficits, etc.
    He is now considered a Political Historian, of 1980’s, 1990’s and Bush Administration, for Lifeaholics Of America.

     Mr. Swinney has been cataloguing the endless stream of lies of the George W. Bush administration, which is up near the 200 mark as of May 22, 2003.
            Here is his list.  Everybody might not agree about every last item, but anybody who thinks that this President is honest and/or trustworthy is smoking something illegal!
    ———————– BUSH & STAFF LIES& DISTORTIONS———————-
    In 2008 the non-partisan Center For Integrity In Media—released a study showing Bush plus 11 of his staff had told 935 LIES on Weapons Of Mass Destruction.
    Think the public cares? Think my Minister and others who backed the awful war will care? Huh!
    Each item is sourced. They can be attained by asking. I have them but there are so many that it would require many times this space.
    I Define a Lie—INTENT TO DECEIVE—some are not– many are. You decide
    A Game—Get a group and find which are Blatant Intent To Deceive LIES. How many?

    I passed a Patients Bill Of Rights as Governor. This was awesome but typical. He told this LIE many many times in 2000. He vetoed the bill. It re-passed with a veto-proof majority and he refused to sign it so it went into law without his signature. How could he do such lying? How could he get by with it? It has been typical.
    Karl Rove taught him– Goebbels—“Tell Big Lies and never back down they will become truth”

  6. Choo says:

    Clarence, if your comments were bait, they worked. I told myself, don’t bite, but the urge was too much. California shows the way should be followed by bankrupcy.

  7. dap916 says:

    Choo. You know I’m from California originally and I have family and friends there now. Trust me, California is in absolutely horrible shape. Cities going bankrupt, cost of living out the roof, unemployment horrible in a great many areas, housing crisis worse than almost every other state. They go into the red (deficits) fiscally each and every year. Jerry Brown has tried to make cuts that have been met with staunch liberal/democratic opposition even though he, himself, is a democrat.

    Don’t let swinney fool you. He’s so full of crap about almost everything he posts here.

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