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There’s a little flap going on in Raleigh’s city elections about who’s coziest with developers.

It started when someone, apparently tied to a blog supporting Councilman Russell Stephenson, put up a phony website attacking challenger Mary Ann Baldwin.

But, in fact, Meeker, Stephenson, Crowder and Company – the three amigos on the City Council –are not anti-developer. Instead, they divide developers into two camps. Those who are the Mayor’s friends. And those who are not.

Specifically, Meeker, Stephenson and Company are lined up with downtown developers – and they’ve opened the City Treasury to help their friends by funding projects like a $20 million subsidy for a downtown hotel, $60 million for decks to provide parking for new developments, as well as subsidies for restaurants, supermarkets and building English style roundabouts to beautify Hillsborough Street.

Meeker, Stephenson and Company have done more for developers than just about anyone in Raleigh’s history – while blasting their opponents for being in the pockets of developers.

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