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There’s more bad news from Afghanistan.  The “backbone of President Obama’s plan to start withdrawing troops” has hit a wall.  Literally.  Right now, over in Afghanistan we’re spending millions to build police stations so the Afghan Army and National Police can take over from our Marines next July.
But, the newspaper reports, the Police Stations in Kandahar (and other provinces) have been built so shoddily they’re falling apart and can’t be used without risking the life and limb of the policemen inside.
In Afghanistan we’ve spent nine years fighting to defeat the terrorist and they’re stronger than ever;  we’ve spent billions building schools, roads and dams to win ‘the hearts and minds’ of the people and that hasn’t worked; and, now we’ve decided the way to win the war – or, at least, to get out of it – is to build police stations.
In one province we paid one Afghanastani construction company $5 million to build a local police station and when it was finished the inspectors found “electrical wires strung through windows, cracks in walls, gas lines hanging in the open, tilted windows and shoddy roofing.”  It sounded like if a strong wind came along the whole thing would topple over.
Somebody ought to take a picture of the darn thing and hang it in the Smithsonian with a sign that says, This is how not to fight a war.


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4 comments on “Over in Kabul

  1. dap916 says:

    The situation in Afghanistan (and, we’re soon to find out holds true in Iraq) is that the culture there has been around for centuries and centuries and their customs and mores and paticular way of life is ingrained within their boarder and even beyond. Changing this is not something the modern western civilization will be able to do. It is no different in those countries than it is with Israel/Jews vs. the muslim world. We’ve seen peace agreement after peace agreement and Nobel Peace Prizes and every imaginable “treaty” imaginable throughout more years than I’ve been alive and there is truly no change between these two groups. The same will hold true between “western civilization beliefs” and the “muslim world” that somehow America thinks can change. It is idiocy. The best thing our culture can do is to keep THAT culture from overtaking us. But, because of “political correctness” demanded by the radical left…we may not even be able to do that. Sad….sad indeed.

  2. Carbine says:

    So they used our aide money to put up a building that doesn’t meet Carter’s building code. So what? The Taliban are in the hills, not in power. That’s a win for us.

  3. dap916 says:

    Carbine…I love most of what you post here, but if you think the Taliban is just in the hills and not in control of much of Afghanistan…you’re not following the news, my friend. That’s just totally not the situation on the ground in Afghanistan. It’s just not.

  4. Carbine says:

    I didn’t say they were not in control of much of the countryside. Afghanistan is mostly “the hills.” There is very little of that land that isn’t “the hills,” regardless of the physical geography. While the Taliban may control or have great influence over much of that territory, they don’t control the government as they did before our intervention. And as long as they don’t have that kind of control they can’t do the sorts of things they were doing prior to 9-11. Sure, they can (and do) make life miserable for the Afghan people, but we’re safer with them in the hills than in Kabul, and to me that’s a win.

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