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A reader notes the irony of Republicans rejecting Common Core because it’s from Washington, or “Big Government” or President Obama. The implication is that state- and local-level thinking is by definition better.
He points out: “The irony is that the GOP resists Washington’s direction while its leaders in North Carolina warmly embrace the political guidance and inspiration of a talking head like Sean Hannity (a New York entertainer, for goodness sakes) and happily introduce legislation conceived and drafted elsewhere by the infamous ALEC.”
Then this morning’s N&O points out that the bill to let students attend any public school in the state “has similar language to one proposed by the American Legislative Exchange Council, a largely private conservative group backed by major corporations.”


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2 comments on “Outside Agitators

  1. Anonymous says:

    First, Common Core is only liked by radical liberal/progressive democrats that defend anything and everything that comes out of a democratic administration. I have many, many friends and acquaintances that are teachers and all four of my kids went through the public school system and I got to know many administrators because of that and on top of that, I have 11 grand children now in the public school system and regularly interact with their teachers and school officials. Trust me. The VAST majority of these people DO NOT like Common Core. Why? It’s wrong for our country’s education system regardless of the spin and rhetoric and political innuendo and straight out lies that are put out by the radical left.

    But, second……I TOTALLY agree that allowing all students in our state (with exceptions) to be able to choose whatever school they want to go to is absolutely and totally wrong. It is wrong because it will create a WIDE disparity in attendances and in demographics at various schools in our state. It’s wrong because of the money influence that will be involved in it due to sizes of one school vs. another school. And, it’s wrong because even if a poor kid is able to choose to go 50 miles away to a far better school than his current, “hood” school…..there’s no way he/she could get there and the logistics in notifications and interactions between staff and parents will be almost impossible.

    So, we agree on one thing here…disagree on another. Maybe we’re making progress between us.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Common Core has a few problems: (1) it was developed without input from classroom teachers, (2) it was never field tested and, as a result, appears to poorly match what students are developmentally able to do at various levels.

    Common Core, unfortunately, is yet another education fad. The right thing to do is what Diane Ravitch has suggested — take a step back and take a deep breath. Getting this stuff right is HARD — why do we think that the folks who designed the Common Core got it right?

    As to allowing students to go to any district in the state, here’s an obvious argument against: Wake County just authorized about $1B in bonds for new schools. Who is going to tell Wake County taxpayers that those new schools will, instead, be used to educate students from other counties?

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