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It wasn’t exactly subtle the other morning when the newspaper ran two stories side by side: One about a single mother who works all day and then works three additional jobs nights and weekends to make ends meet – and a second story about the Director of the Raleigh Housing Authority.
It turns out every year the Housing Authority’s board meets to set the director’s pay for the coming year – only there’s an odd fact: Going back years, there’s no record in the board’s minutes of how much the board voted to pay the director – so there’s no public record of the salary some pesky reporter might lay his hands on and publish in the newspaper.
Once, according to the News and Observer, the board ran into a problem because Congress put a limit on how much it could pay the Housing Director – a limit the board had long ago exceeded. But, somehow, the board sidestepped Congress and everything worked out fine until the other morning when a reporter showed up and asked why the head of the Raleigh Housing Authority was being paid more than the head of the Chicago Housing Authority.

That question must hit the director like a dose of cold water but it turned out the cat was out of the bag – the legislature had changed the law and the News and Observer had come across his salary in records in the state Treasurer’s office.
Of course the Chairman of the Board defended the director, saying the director was a wonderful, brilliant, exemplar of civic virtue who earned every penny he made – even if he was making more than the Governor. 
This is another chapter in a very old story:  A reasonable man will be a model of frugality for years when spending his own hard-earned money, but the moment he gets appointed to a board where he’s spending other people’s money frugality flies right out the window. The Director of the Raleigh Housing Authority is making $272,000 a year.



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4 comments on “Other People's Money

  1. dap916 says:

    My goodness. So much for the “horrendous” salaries being paid to some young upstarts thanks to our buy McCrory, huh?

    One of my Uncle Howard’s favorite expressions whenever he talked about political parties and politicians: “Most pig pens have more than one pig in them”.

  2. Choo says:

    Great point and so true. It also applies with how people spend the money they work for and how they spend the money they get from the government, their neighbors. A man who works for a dollar will spend it wisely. A man who is given a dollar will spend it on unwise purchases, because to him there is no worth. He didn’t have to work to earn the dollar. No business in America or any where else could survive the waste that govenrment does every day. Who in their right mind thinks govenment can run health care better than the free market. It’s the gene I often speak of, liberals lack that gene that allows them to connect the dots.

  3. dap916 says:

    I don’t know if you ever come back to see if anyone has posted to what you’ve said here on the front page, Choo. It’s different than the Forum we usually post on…but wanna say this.

    There was a site on the Internet that showed a minion of Obama talking about how the Obamacare site was now working SO much better “because it is working like a private sector site now”.

    This is an open admission that government can’t do much of anything right…especially putting together a site for hundreds of millions of people to go on and register and “buy” something. Funny how Facebook and Amazon and so many other “private sector” sites had no problem with that, huh? Did you know that it was a Canadian company that was involved in this? Yep. And, one of Michelle Obama’s bestest buds in college was a biggie at that firm. Truth is stranger than fiction, isn’t it? It’d be hard to write a story stranger than that…but, yep, true to the bone, my man. Maybe he ate some of Michelle’s suggested diet food and got a virus or something :-).

  4. dap916 says:

    That gene, Choo, evidently leads the radical progressive people on the left to believe that the money government has isn’t money that comes from our citizens but is somehow magically produced and obtained by government. They just cannot grasp the idea that every dollar accumulated and spent by the government is taxpayer dollars. And, even those that do understand that this is where the money comes from somehow believe that it is only gotten from the rich, old, white people in America that have gotten their wealth by keeping minorities “in their place” somehow. Amazing.

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