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Like a bull seeing a red cape Karl Rove lowered his head and horns swinging, charged straight for Cole Porter’s adoring but unhappy wife;— as soon as actress Ashley Judd (who starred in De-Lovely) became a possible Senate candidate in Kentucky Rove had put out an ad out saying, “Ashley Judd’s an Obama-following, Obama-loving, radical Hollywood liberal and a carpetbagger who looks down her nose at hillbillies.”
Goring a hard-bitten politician is one thing – but goring a soft-spoken, doe-eyed actress is another. The same shoe doesn’t fit every foot. And Karl Rove’s been hollering ‘Obama-loving liberal’ for so long he’s now beginning to sound like a one-trick pony.


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One comment on “One-Trick Pony

  1. dap916 says:

    Yeah, Kentucky is not exactly a republican stronghold, that’s pretty evident. It’s also not exactly a democratic stronghold either. It’s Rand Paul territory and one house of their legislature is majority repub and the other isn’t. The more I read about Kentucky, the less I understand the politics there. It’s small in population compared to so many other states and really hasn’t ever been influential in any real political fights or decisions I can find…could be something there I didn’t see, of course.

    With regard to the “shoe fit” thingy you’ve put here, Carter, my feeling is that it really only matters what shoe you put on what foot…and matters not whether the shoe fits. By that I mean that if it will be politically favorable to trash Judd in Kentucky, then that shoe fits. If she has a bunch of followers and if she’s seen as someone that really does have a chance to win an election, then trashing her would mean you’ve put the shoe on a foot that it won’t fit. A good political analyst chooses his shoes depending on what feet they will fit. Not sure you follow me here…I’m not all that good at analogies and such.

    If “Obama-loving liberal” would offend the voters in Kentucky, I truly believe that Rove is smart enough not have used that. I think he made a specific effort to use that exact phrase…for a reason. Only time will tell which one of us is right, I guess.

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