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There’s been a lot of political foolishness going on over in Greensboro and I’ve been watching it pretty closely, working with one of Phil Berger Jr.’s opponents in the Republican Primary, Bruce VonCannon.

The other day Berger’s Super PAC broke bad and issued an edict: Voters, they said, ought not to trust Bruce VonCannon to oppose Obamacare.

Now, you might wonder, How can that be? A Republican candidate for Congress not opposing Obamacare?
Well, according to Berger’s Super PAC, the answer goes like this: Last December, Bruce VonCannon hired a prominent Republican lawyer with the Arent Fox Law Firm in Washington to handle his campaign’s financial reports with the Federal Elections Commission.
Now, in and of itself, that doesn’t sound too bad. But Berger’s Super PAC wasn’t done. It revealed another horrible fact: Arent Fox, it said, has a Democratic partner who’d lobbied for Obamacare.
And, to be frank, that’s true.
Just like it’s true Arent Fox represents Rand Paul and Ron Paul – which, of course, led Bruce VonCannon to ask Phil Berger, Jr. a simple question: Do you think Rand Paul can’t be trusted on Obamacare too?
Then, later on that same day, a friend called and pointed out an even odder fact. Phil Berger, he said, had hired Parker Poe (Terry Sanford’s old law firm) to be his attorney – which led to a final even simpler question for the folks at Berger’s Super PAC: Would you all say that proves Phil Berger, Jr. is for the Food Tax – or would you say there’s something wrong with that kind of thinking?


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2 comments on “One Kind of Thinking

  1. Anonymous says:

    All of that was just political fluff, Carter. In the words of Hillary Clinton: “What difference does it make?”.

    Bruce VonCannon has about as much chance of being successful in his campaign as I do suddenly growing a full head of hair. I know, I know….you “work with Bruce VonCannon”. I mean, ya gotta put out some stuff here on your blog site for VonCannon, right? Duh.

    The fat lady is gonna sing here very shortly and her song ain’t gonna have the name of Bruce VonCannon in it. Sorry. Just not going to happen, mi amigo.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I would say if Burger can make those kinds of illogical links, then VonCannon has to know that the Burgermiester will not only keep the food tax but raise it to boot. Wasn’t Mr. Terry’s food tax suppose to be temporary? At least that’s what Betsy told me.

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