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How you feel about Obamacare probably correlates about 100 percent with how you voted in the 2012 election. Unless you already found out you pay more or less for insurance. I’m double-sold. I’m saving a bunch of money.
The fundamental fact about American health care was well put by Bill Atkinson, former CEO at WakeMed: “Americans want the very best health care that somebody else pays for.”
It’s all a cost-shifting game, and what we pay has little to do with the care we get as individuals.
To fix that, Obamacare does two things you’d think Republicans and conservatives would like: End the free ride for freeloaders and encourage competition.
The freeloaders are like the fellow in the paper who said he doesn’t need health insurance because he’s healthy. But if he’s in a wreck, or falls off a ladder, or has emergency surgery, the rest of us have to pay his bills.
As for insurance-price competition, North Carolina doesn’t have it because of the legislature and the McCrory administration. States that have real competition – that is, more than two companies offering policies – are seeing real savings.
But those are facts. And facts, as we see in the shutdown-debt limit fight, have nothing to do with Republican politics today.


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2 comments on “Obamascare, Day 2

  1. clarence swinney says:

    We polled 70% ,consistently, for decades to Reform Expensive Health Care as is done by all other industrialized nations. Had Hillary a Democratic Congress in 1995 We would be talking Hilcare not Obamacare.
    We are not giving the AHC a fair chance to work. It is not Health Care it is Powerfare.
    The Tea Party was and is financed by Koch to cut taxes, cut spending, do less policing of the environment.
    Give it a chance. Stop charging $500 for a $32 hand held Breathalyzer, $600 for $10 worth of cloth gauze, $6000 for a night in a bed hooked to a blood pressure monitor, $4400 for 5 hours on a sleep monitor.
    Those are personal examples that show why we spend 20% of our Individual Income on Health Care
    And rank 37th in World Health Forum for effectiveness.
    Where do we get out health insurance? 78% via employer, Medicare, and Medicaid.
    48% via employer—15% by Medicare and 15% by Medicaid.

    Give AHC a Fair Chance. It will not be fully operational for another year.

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