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Just as ObamaCare divides the nation politically, it divides Democrats strategically. Does it spell disaster in November, or can we score points with it?
The President took the ball to the basket this week. His message: 7-plus million Americans signed up. Millions of Americans can now get health care. Republicans are just obstructionists and have no plan to help people.
James Carville, for one, is arguing that Obamacare can be a winner in November.
“After Alex Sink was sunk in the Florida special congressional race in February, my fellow Democratic strategists went back to their get-out-the-vote strategy and feared another 1994 or 2010 landslide election for the GOP. Well, Democratic voters might now be motivated to stand by the administration’s top legislative achievement more than ever — the same ABC/Post poll found that Democratic support for ObamaCare has reached 76 percent, which is up 11 percentage points from January. My fellow Democrats feared we didn’t have a motivating issue … well, Republican opposition to the law, to no one’s surprise, is at 78 percent.
“I like being on the side of healthcare consumer. I think that is a winning argument for Democrats.”
Other Democratic strategists don’t believe the story arc has changed. It still isn’t a winner, and it won’t be, they say.
My guess – as I blogged last week (see “Move On”) – is that this issue, like a long-running TV series, is about to run down. By November, swing voters won’t know whether ObamaCare is good or bad or whether what’s bad about health care is due to ObamaCare or just the general screwed-up system we have.
Something else will happen. Crisis in Ukraine? Republican overreach? Another X Factor? ObamaCare is already baked into this cake. November is seven months away. We’ve got a long way to go.


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2 comments on “ObamaCare: A New Ball Game?

  1. Anonymous says:

    My goodness. What I get from your post after sifting through all the bologna is that even though Obamacare will be just as horrible and bad for Americans as it is now in November, there will be other issues that will take its place in the news and so voters won’t really consider this failed law and those that not only voted for it but defended it when they go to the polls.

    Uh huh. I see. Talk about crossing your fingers!!! Gary, that’s some HUGE wishful thinking, my friend. Obamacare is a total and complete disaster and latest polling data from almost every source available shows that 57% of those polled say Obamacare is wrong for this country and is not good law. So, hey, maybe you’re right in that this percentage will be reduced as other issues are presented as “more important”….but, trust me, it’s going to be an issue for democrats on many fronts. I’ve seen polling that says that, in large part, because of Obamacare…the House will stay in Republican hands and the Senate will go back into Republican hands after the 2014 elections.

    I know you want to down play the impact of this absolutely HORRIBLE law, but it’s not going away for ya. It’s going to be front and center in November. And, from my point of view, it should. If left as is, the ACA will end up costing most Americans a HUGE amount of money. Yes, some people will be helped by it. We can guess who those folks are, of course. This is wrong. It’s going to be an issue and democrats are going to have a tough time defending it come November.

    Just how it is. Like it or not. If I’m wrong, then the November elections will say that. No need arguing about it until then.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I think you are right. Stay with Obama Care. It’s a winner. It will help more people than it hurts, and the millions it hurts have lots of money anyway. I would stay with it. It’s the blue print for other Democrat programs. With this success, an income equality program could follow. Lets not get too far ahead of ourselves though, just stay right now with Obama Care brought to you by the Democrat Party.

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