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This poll result caught the eye: “Obama at 42 percent approval in NC, McCrory at 36 percent.” Yes, the Governor’s approval rating was lower than the President’s in a High Point University poll.
Now, a big caveat: The poll was of all adults, not just voters. The results might be different among voters alone. Of course, McCrory probably would do even worse in a poll of grocery store cooks and clerks.
The point is that, GOP bluster to the contrary, North Carolinians don’t hold McCrory in much higher esteem than Obama.
Looks like Democrats need a massive voter persuasion and turnout program this year.


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One comment on “Obama Tops McCrory

  1. Anonymous says:

    Ah…a poll that shows that even though both our governor and our president comes out really low, our governor is lower than our president. Guess that means that Obama is popular and McCrory isn’t. Oh, wait, not it doesn’t !

    What were the questions asked of the people polled? How were the questions asked? Gotta wonder about a poll from a local High Point University poll, don’t ya?

    In any case, if you are thinking that a 42 percent approval in NC means for the president means that the dems need a “voter persuasion and turnout program this year”, you’re some kind of crazy, mi amigo. Think that will mean a change around in the NC House and Senate? Really? Are you nuts? Obama is not liked in NC. Kay Hagan runs away from him every chance she gets because of his unpopularity here in our fair state and no democratic candidate wants to talk about Obamacare or the Obama presidency.

    What an amazing post you’ve put here. hahahahaha….”silly” comes to mind.

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