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I’m not sure what’s worse: ‘International Celebrity’ Barack Obama not visiting wounded soldiers in Germany – or watching John McCain jump up and down and howl about it.

This saga in American politics started bad and went downhill.

Obama tripped over his own feet, then tripped again getting up, then McCain leaped on his back with both feet roaring that if Obama “isn’t comfortable meeting wounded American troops without his entourage, perhaps he does not have the experience to be Commander in Chief.” (See this press release.)

Political translation: Obama doesn’t have the guts to visit wounded soldiers. So he doesn’t have the guts to be President.

Except there’s a problem. A lack of intestinal fortitude doesn’t seem to be one of Obama’s problems. Being the first African-American nominee for President has been no picnic. And Obama’s proved he’s no Caspar Milquetoast. So, why’s McCain saying he got the willies in Germany?

Here’s a theory: McCain’s campaign – like every campaign – is about overstating his virtues and Obama’s vices. But McCain neglected to realize that too much gradeschool finger-pointing would end up making him look like the fool.

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