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The Economist newspaper says North Carolina has bid “farewell to purple.” But an article in The New York Times Magazine gives Democrats reason for optimism.
The Economist notes: “North Carolina has a Republican governor, a conservative majority on the state Supreme Court and Republicans controlling both legislative chambers.” Plus, Republicans have nine of our 13 congressional seats. Plus, “It seems that Mr. McCrory, like his state, is turning right.” Witness his “bashing Agenda 21” and deriding “the educational elite.” Plus the rightward rush of the legislature.
But here’s the good news.
The Times magazine focused on the digital “obsolescence” of the Romney campaign and national Republicans.  It quotes digital-minded young Republicans who believe “Democrats have overwhelmed Republicans with their technological superiority.”
They remind me of 1980s Democrats who thought we were losing just because Reagan and Republicans were masters of TV. It was much more than that, and so it is today. The digital divide, in fact, reflects a cultural divide that is rooted in Republicans’ image.
What’s that image? According to voters in their 20s: “Corporate greed, old, middle-aged white men, rich, religious, conservative, hypocritical, military retirees, narrow-minded, rigid, not progressive, polarizing, stuck in their ways, farmers.”
That explains why, as the Republicans operatives noted, “1.25 million more young people supported Obama in 2012 over 2008.” That also perfectly describes North Carolina Republicans today.
Yes, North Carolina Democrats have a long way to go. But they have a lot to work with.


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4 comments on “Not So Fast

  1. clarence swinney says:

    The USA has been on self destructive streak since 1980s?
    We have been shipping our industries overseas and now use cheap labor to do those jobs that once paid a middle class income. We have divided the masses. One against the other like our political Congress and the White House. The rich are now shafting the middle class. We have chosen to engage in unneeded wars and attempt to be the world peace keeper. We know economic disparities endanger democracy. The Supreme Court did great damage to our democracy with calling a Corporation a human. In OECD nations we rank fourth on Inequality. Will we change course? When? By Whom?

  2. dap916 says:

    I believe what you’ve said about how a great many of our young people feel about republicans overall is pretty dead on, Gary. The democratic party through its surrogate, the mainstream press, has been masterful in creating this image. In addition, the majority of the educators in our country and in particular in our colleges and universities teach “progressive” thought and educate our young in the differences between conservativism and progressive thought (one being good, the other bad, of course).

    Another big reason there are so many young Americans that now support Obama and the democratic party is because of their circumstances due to the economic woes in our country. The democrats offer so-called “help” in the form of entitlements while republicans are seen as a party that want to either take that help away or reduce it significantly. As I’ve said a number of times here before, the democratic party has an excellent strategy in that regard and it’s obviously working as shown by the data you’ve presented here.

    Corporations are bad. The majority of the rich people in our country are old, white people unwilling to give up some of their wealth to “help” the younger, poorer people. These old white people are unwilling to change their conservative beliefs and are mostly ex-military war mongers. Yep….I’d say that is pretty damn close to what most of my kids’ circle of friends believe and what the friends of three grands I have that are over 21 believe.

    It’s definately a big part of the electorate the democrats in North Carolina can work with…can bring into their fold. And, as we old, well-off, white, conservative, ex-military folks die out….a new era opens up for democrats. Kinda makes me wonder just exactly what North Carolina (and our entire country) will look like once we’re gone though. I doubt many people that will be glad this era we’re in now is gone actually look that far ahead, to be honest.

    I wonder, truthfully, if they even care, to be honest.

  3. dap916 says:

    Swinney, swinney, swinney….take a breath and read what I have to say here, will ya?

    First, The Supreme Court has not done great damage to democracy by their Citizens United decision. If so, then unions have been doing great damage to democracy for decades by allowing them to do exactly what corporations are now able to do because of the SCOTUS decision. Take a moment and consider that please.

    Second, you are just SOOOO right that the masses have been divided. Rich against poor. Minorities against whites. Management against hourly employees/unions. Christians against non-christians/atheists. Heterosexuals against the gay community. Pro-live vs. choicers. It’s been wonderful political strategy for democrats. Rich/businesspeople/successful folks in big majorities vote republican. Union people vote democratic. Christians vote in majority republican. Other-than-Christian folks vote more democratic. Gays vote almost exclusively democratic. Minorities vote in HUGE majorities for democrats. Choicers are almost TOTALLY democratic voters. So, dividing the masses allows democrats..the democratic have issues to gin up big support and big donations and big turn outs at the voting booths. It’s been genius. So, yep, America is more divided than EVER in our history for sure, mi amigo.

    Now, with regard to jobs going overseas, the BIGGEST culprit in that progression, Swinney, was NAFTA. You know…that little thingy Clinton signed into law. America has been duped in this. We’ve tried to follow the rules under NAFTA and the other countries involved have stuck a knife in our back over and over and over again…and still does with impunity. So, if you want to lay blame…be sure you truly realize why we’ve lost so many jobs overseas my friend.

    Everything isn’t always exactly as you’re told in those emails and on those totally liberal/progressive websites you read. You need to filter some of the information you read. If it sounds just too ridiculous to be true about republicans and the right and conservatives…it probably IS too ridiculous to actually believe. Do some research.

  4. Carbine says:

    He can’t hear you Dap. The tinfoil covers his ears too.

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