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Overheated and over-caffeinated cable blowhards have been blowing hard about the amazing parallels they see between protests in Madison, Wisconsin and protests in the Middle East.
From the right: dangerous anarchists on both continents are threatening the very foundations and stability of society.
From the left: courageous patriots are standing up for their rights and their basic values against Hitler-like dictators.
Please take a breath.
Take a minute to reflect on how lucky you were. As Warren Buffet says: You won the lottery of life. You were born in America.
You’re free to protest. Free to compare the Governor or the President to Hitler (even if it makes you a fool). Free to carry on and carry signs and disrupt the government.
All without worrying (most always, anyway) that the army or the police or armed goons will gun you down or beat your brains in.
Be thankful. Even better, call up your favorite WWII veteran and thank him or her – before it’s too late.


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2 comments on “Not Cairo

  1. dap916 says:


    Nothing else needs to be said on this one, Gary.

  2. Carbine says:

    As usual, Gary, you totally mischaracterize the reaction of “the right” to these events. Those who are in the streets demanding freedom from totalitarian rule are completely in tune with the values of the American right. Mixed in with them are those who simply wish to exchange one form of dictatorship for another, and that’s why this situation is so dangerous. No one knows who’s going to win. But NO ONE in this country, right or left, supports keeping the status quo.

    As for parallels between the middle east and Wisconsin, yes there are many. In each case you have intrenched interests that have gotten their way without regard to the interests or desires of others for generations, but are now being challenged by reformers with new, more democratic ideas. In each case you have the entrenched interests throwing a tantrum to hang on to their ill-gotten positions of power. And (hopefully) in each case we are going to see the entrenched interests lose. May the public employees unions and their supporters go the way of Mubarak!

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