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Maybe I should be more forgiving when it comes to naming a building for Jesse Helms. Maybe I should let the past go, let bygones be bygones and let go of old grudges.
No way.
Helms was a racist. He was a gay-baiter. He was a hater. On television and in the Senate, he bullied people who were weak and easy political prey.
Over the years – and from getting to know Carter – I’ve come to see that people who worked for him and supported him weren’t necessarily that way. Many of them, especially those who were young at the time, were just committed conservatives.
And it’s not that he said nasty things about Jim Hunt. We said nasty things about him. And those attacks pale beside what you see in politics today.
But Helms made a practice – and a career – of appealing to the worst in us.
That legacy doesn’t deserve this honor.


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3 comments on “No to Senator No

  1. Carbine says:

    I don’t care whether they name a building after Jesse Helms or not, but if the standard for deciding who gets that honor is as you describe it, Gary, we’d have to give all of our public works numbers instead of names. Have we ever had a person as execrable as Lyndon Johnson in the White House? Yet his name defames public buildings all over the land. And I’m sure your Lord & Savior B.H. Obama will live to see his name disgrace plenty of structures before all is said and done. How is he any less of a race-baiter than Helms?

  2. Chris says:

    It’s a stinking post office. Considering the mismanagement and just overall ineptitude of the USPS, I don’t see this as an honor at all.

  3. dap916 says:

    “Helms was a racist”. Okay, I’ve heard that from the dems here in NC ever since I moved here in 1972. And, he kept getting elected and a great many blacks voted for him. What made Helms a racist? I’ve never seen or heard him call a black person any name..of any kind. I’ve never seen or heard of him doing anything to any black person that hurt him/her. What, exactly, was it about Helms, Gary, that made him a racist? Is a racist someone that questions the black culture in that there is too much “dependence” on government taught there? Does it make Helms a racist for pointing out that the blacks make up the predominant population within the jails and prisons in our country? Was Helms a racist for saying that it is a tragedy that within the black community a huge number of children born there never know their fathers?

    Are these points and pointing these things out racist? Really? What a shame it is that our country has become so concerned with political power that we use our citizens’ color to divide ourselves and to gain control of government and to falsely portray those that disagree with us as evil people they truly are not.

    It is people like you, Gary, that have caused our “great divide” in this country. It is the left…the progressives…that race bait. Only whites can be racist to you folks…and especially conservative whites that are achievers and have been successful in their lives. And, if you add in “Christian conservative”…well, THOSE folks are evil incarnate to progressives.

    I know you earn your living being who you portray yourself as being, Gary Pearce. So, I understand why you say what you do in most cases. I wonder what is going to happen when “they” come to get your savings and your investment income and your wealth when “they” have used up all of the wealth from those in the higher income/higher wealth categories…or when those folks figure out how to “protect” what they have. We’ll see then just how “progressive” you aren, Mr. Pearce.

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