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The election in North Carolina has moved from old fashioned elbow-throwing into a more interesting topic – sex.
When she lived in Pennsylvania Debra Goldman was a volunteer firefighter – then she moved to Raleigh, ran for School Board, won in the Republican sweep in 2009 and now she’s running for State Auditor.
The roots of Goldman’s problem go back to a year ago when her house in Cary was burglarized by a thief who made off with $100,000 in jewelry and $30,000 in cash – which she had hidden in a backpack. The police came to investigate and asked, Do you have any idea who robbed you? Goldman had a lot of ideas. Names rolled off her tongue – the Democrat she ran against for School Board, her opponent’s consultant, three of her opponent’s friends, a group that supported her opponent, a Democratic County Commissioner – then a name rolled off her tongue that lit the fuse that just exploded: Chris Malone, her fellow Republican School Board member.
Why Malone? the detective asked.
The words started flowing again.
Malone, she said, had pursued her romantically and told her he loved her and when she rebuffed him he’d broken down and cried. Plus, she said, she knew two other facts: Malone was broke and her house key had been stolen out of her briefcase the same day Malone was sitting beside her at a School Board meeting.
The policeman wrote it all down then asked why Goldman kept $30,000 in a backpack. She rolled into another litany, saying she was a retired firefighter and a breast cancer survivor and when she was living in Pennsylvania after 9/11 she’d had a lot of trouble getting money out of her bank – so she kept $30,000 in her knapsack.
A few days after the burglary Goldman became even more suspicious of Malone when he showed up at the School Board meeting driving a new pickup truck;—so the police detective put in a call to Mr. Malone and ran head-on into not one but three lawyers. He got a call back from the prominent Republican attorney Kieran Shanahan and when the detective sat down with Malone, Malone had two more lawyers with him.
Malone outdid Goldman when it came to pure salacious detail. He and Goldman, he said, had become friends during the School Board election then one thing had led to another until one night just before the election they found themselves alone on the rooftop of the Clarion Hotel in downtown Raleigh and stopped being just friends and, as he put it, started ‘kissing and making out.’ After that, he said, their relationship got more physical.
The detective asked if the relationship was over and Malone said, oh, yes, he knew there’d be no more quickies in the car and no more meetings at the Hampton Inn in Cary – they were just close personal friends and by the way, he added, they’d never actually had sexual intercourse.
By then I reckon Malone’s lawyers must have been lying passed out on the floor.
Next the detective asked Malone about his new pickup truck and Malone said his brother had loaned him the money to buy it and later Malone’s brother and lawyer Shanahan met with the detective and produced the bank records to prove it – so Malone was off the hook for stealing the $130,000 but probably not with his wife or Goldman’s husband.
Now the interesting thing about all this is Malone and Goldman’s reaction when the police reports landed on the front page of the newspaper.
At first Malone bobbed and weaved, dodging reporters then put out a statement saying he’s staying in the State House race because voters know the kind of man he really is.
Goldman was even more aggressive – she issued a statement peeling the paint off the walls, slamming the News and Observer for smearing her just before the election.
So now we’ve got a candidate who’s talking about ‘quickies’ in cars and running for State House based on his character, and a candidate for State Auditor who has trouble getting money out of the bank, and there’s not a word of contrition in sight anywhere.



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2 comments on “No Contrition in Sight Anywhere

  1. Carbine says:

    So what? Who, besides their own spouses, do they have anything to apologize to? If people don’t like what they did they are free to vote against them in the upcoming election.

  2. clarence swinney says:

    off subject pardon but important to middle class

    Our balance of trade is bad and
    has little chance of being reversed.
    This “Free” Trade ideology has allowed access to our economy for goods made overseas
    under low wage structures plus government subsidized businesses and oftentimes dumping below cost to capture our markets. We have lost the bulk of many industries as textiles and apparel.
    The “Free” trade has eliminated millions of our good, middle class jobs giving us a service/financial economy. This economy cannot support the “lifestyle” Americans have enjoyed for many decades. The top 1% has done well. Average income for them=1970-$318,000—1980–$318.000–1990–$393,000—2000—$875,000—2008—-$988,000—2010—$905,557
    Share of wealth by 1%=20% in 1976 and 34% in 2004
    We need tariffs plus enforcement of agreements to punish “dumping”.In the last decade we closed 58,000 plants. You can observe them in almost every city in North Carolina.

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