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There are scads of Super PACs running around attacking Thom Tillis or Kay Hagan so one more came as no surprise except when Planned Parenthood said it was going to whack Tillis I thought, Whoever heard of a government-funded group spending $3.3 million on a Super PAC? It didn’t seem quite right. Planned Parenthood spending taxpayers’ money to elect Kay Hagan – so she’d give them more taxpayers’ money.
But then I thought that wasn’t fair – that, after all, the Chamber of Commerce has a Super PAC doing its best to elect Speaker Tillis and what its members get from the government makes Planned Parenthood look like a piker. 
For example, just last month, the local  Chamber spent a quarter million dollars to help Republicans defeat a Democratic Supreme Court judge then, at the Chamber’s behest, Republicans in the State Senate sponsored a law to give pharmaceutical companies (who’re members of the Chamber) a legal pass so they can’t be held responsible when they sell defective drugs.
Super PACs: A new wrinkle in a very old kind of politics.


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2 comments on “New Wrinkle, Old Politics

  1. Anonymous says:

    The US Chamber of Commerce is times past tended to run a few ads supporting Republicans of whatever flavor in the general election. They supported limited government positions like less regulation.

    In recent years, however, the Chamber has tilted heavily toward crony capitalism and corporate welfare, and become just another special interest group clamoring for pork. They say they are okay with Obamacare, and support our floated federal budgets, more debt, and deficit spending. One of their biggest goals is amnesty for illegal aliens so that they can get cheap foreign labor to drive down wages for American citizens.

    In short, the Chamber has abandoned small government conservatism and has become just another parasite on the back of the taxpayer. They show that by a change in their political stance. The Chamber is now on an open mission against conservatives in GOP primaries. They played in several primaries in NC and others around the country.

    Many of us in NC are sick and tired of the Chamber meddling in our primaries supporting Big Government Republicans. The Chamber’s flavor of ”Republicans” is not what we need in either Washington or Raleigh because they support Obama Republicans.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Let me give an example of why conservatives have become so wary of groups like the US Chamber of Commerce, and it comes from what is emerging as an industrial – government complex, where big business and big government work hand in hand against the citizens. Groups like the US Chamber no longer support free enterprise. Now they are eaten up with crony capitalism, and feeding off of the government.

    The example is the banning of the cheap and efficient Edison lightbulb. Many blame the environmental extremists, and they did indeed get on board in the project, but they did not initiate it. It originated from lightbulb manufacturers who thought they were not making enough profit off of the Edison lightbulbs. They got the idea that if government banned those lightbulbs, the public would be forced to buy more expensive lightbulbs that they could make more profit from. They went to an establishment Repubican congressman, Fred Upton, to introduce legislation to do that. Of course, they used an environmental smoke screen to cover what they were doing.

    Our liberties these days are under assault from big government, big labor, AND big business. Conservative voters should shun candidates of the US Chamber of Commerce.

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