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On Election Day my cousin Winifred who’s pure steel magnolia walked into the voting booth, stared at the names of the three judges running for Supreme Court, remembered the Republican ad saying Judge Robin Hudson was for child molesters, thought, I’ve seen enough of that kind of nastiness, and did something she’d never done before – voted for a liberal Democratic judge.
More recently, calling itself a ‘Civil Rights Group’ (for Hispanics) the old liberal shibboleth People for the American Way is trying its own brand of nastiness, running radio ads on Spanish-speaking stations saying, Thom Tillis is against everything that’s important for Hispanic families.
Not a few things. Not some things. Everything.
Now it’s a stone cold fact Thom Tillis is for sending murderers to jail. Isn’t that important to Hispanic families? And it’s a stone cold fact Tillis is for throwing drug dealers in jail. Isn’t that important?
I could go on but you understand my point – there’s a long list of fundamentally important things Thom Tillis, Hispanics and just about everyone agree on.
So why on earth would People for the American Way run an ad telling Hispanics something that is obviously untrue?
The most obvious answers that come to mind are arrogance and cynicism.
Either they’re so arrogant they believe they can say anything and get away with it – or so cynical they think they can say anything and people will fall for it.
Of course, there is one other possible explanation – that the ones who’ve made a dumb mistake are People for the American Way because they’ve now given Cousin Winifred a rock-solid reason to vote for Thom Tillis.



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5 comments on “Nastiness

  1. Anonymous says:

    I love it! hahahahaha….problem is not many republicans speak Spanish or listen to ads in Spanish. So, doubt that cousin Winfred will hear what is being said to the Hispanic population. It really doesn’t matter what they put on for the Hispanics to hear anyway…they’re going to vote almost 90% democratic regardless who is running.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Well, I doubt you’ll see cousin Winfred or many other Republicans listening to any media source that speaks Spanish. Doesn’t matter what’s being told to the Spanish-speaking population in our state anyway. The vast majority of them are going to vote democratic regardless.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Makes one wonder how certain things can be good or bad for one group of people only while being just the opposite for the other. Gravity is good for white women while black and native American males suffer from gravity. The real issue for hispanics is what? Do they not need jobs, do they not need a robust economy, well guess what, so do all Americans. The Democrats don’t think Americans have a brain, and after watching a little of what is on television today, I think there is that group.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Choo…Hispanics by and large don’t actually “need” jobs and a robust economy. They need to be able to receive entitlements from government. Yes, there are many Hispanic people that work hard and pay their taxes and are totally responsible for themselves. But, there are so many OTHER Hispanic people that aren’t like that and rely on government for their existence. The democrats have been successful in making sure that has happened and in making sure that they know that unless democrats stay in control of the government’s purse strings, they won’t have that for long because republicans are all about WORK…BEING RESPONSIBLE FOR YOURSELF….TAKING CARE OF YOURSELF AND YOUR FAMILY without just constantly asking for government assistance.

    So, to answer your two questions…no, Hispanics don’t not need jobs and no they do not need a robust economy so long as they can “get” from the government. End of story.

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