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I’m always looking for something nice to say about a Republican. But Dan Forest? Sorry, I’ve got to do it.
Monday, I posted a blog (Let Teachers Teach) saying we should pay teachers $100,000 a year. Then, on Wednesday, Lieutenant Governor Forest called for North Carolina to pay the nation’s highest teaching salaries.  Asked whether North Carolina teachers should make more than $100,000 a year, Forest replied, “Why not? Why shouldn’t’ we do that?”
As Forrest Gump would say, “Lieutenant Dan!”
Asked where he’d find the $2 billion or so it would cost, Forest said: “I think there’s plenty of money in government (already),” he said. “We’ll figure out a way to do it. … I think we need to put our money where our mouth is.”
Appearances to the contrary, I have no pipeline to the Lieutenant Governor. I don’t know why he said this. Maybe he’s looking to replace Governor McCrory in 2016. Or carve out some space from GOP orthodoxy. Or just get attention.
Whatever. Run, Forest, run.


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4 comments on “My Man Dan

  1. Choo says:

    Not to take anything away from Mr. Forest, but a few weeks ago Mrs Goodnight of SAS Goodnight published an article saying that we don’t provide enough money for public education. At that time I thanked Mrs Goodnight for showing us how we can pay teachers in N.C. $100,000 per year and have money left over for computers and free meals even on the weekend. We would have to levy a tax of 99% on all income or profits on companies like SAS on every dollar over $500,000 in a year. After all who needs more than $500,000 per year. So if you are looking for a way to pay public school teachers $100,000 a year, the Goodnights have more than enough. It would include taxing any of their employees who make over $400,000 at 99%. I don’t like this slow slide to where we are going, hell I had just as soon make a quick leap and lets see just how well it works. Mrs Goodnight could just vacation in Myrtle Beach and not Paris, and shop at Crabtree Valley Mall and stay out of New York. The hardship would be extreme but the results would be teachers with $100,000 pay checks.

  2. clarence swinney says:

    Cut Bush 1400B Deficit in half in first term—
    Get troops out of Iraq—
    Get out of Afghan in 2014—
    Get Health Care Reform-
    $666 Billion over ten years for Infrastructure Repairs
    Universal access to Kindergarten education funded by new taxes on tobacco
    Repeal automatic cuts by Sequestration.
    Reduce agriculture subsidies for wealthy farm owners.
    Stop individuals from receiving both unemployment and disability payments
    Raise Medicare premiums for wealthy retirees.
    Pass American Jobs Program to create/save 4 million jobs
    Negotiate lower drug prices for Medicare patients
    Limit tax deductions and loopholes for the top 2 percent of income earners
    Cancel Bush Tax Cuts for top 2%
    Make permanent tax credits for low income earners via American Opportunity Tax Credit, Earned
    Income Tax Credit and Child Tax Credit
    Close some loopholes for corporations and lower corporate tax rates
    Suggestion: Cut deep in Pentagon—Means Test Medicare and Social Security
    Great Dreams Mr. President—How many killed by Republicans?

  3. Reaganite says:

    How does Clarence Swinney’s post have anything at all to do with teachers salaries, the lieutenant governor, or anything else connected with this thread? Why is it here and not in the Forums section? Clarence Swinney constantly spams the main page with material totally unrelated to what he is suppposedly commenting on. Why is that allowed?

  4. Choo says:

    Clarence Swinney is not even a real person. I often thought he is the alter ego of Gary. His post never have anything to do with whatever the topic is, but are only Democrat talking points.

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