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Now that the Case of the Not-Blueprint Memo has been solved, Democrats and progressives can move on to important issues like what Republicans are doing on education, Medicaid, unemployment assistance, tax reform and … hold on, what’s that?
Never mind. Apparently, we will move on to the new state Democratic chairman owing almost $290,000 in unpaid taxes and penalties.
Here’s some advice to Randy Voller: The best thing you can do for your party, state and country is resign, go back to work and pay off your taxes.
It’s admirable that you owned up to the problem and are paying off what you owe. But it won’t wash to say: “That’s why I feel that as party chair I have a real good insight into what a lot of folks are dealing with here in North Carolina.”
No, Mister Chairman, most folks in North Carolina don’t owe $290,000 in unpaid taxes and penalties.
Please go. There are more important things to talk about.


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8 comments on “Moving On. Not.

  1. wafranklin says:

    You cannot stand it can you – someone rather than the “ole guard” is named as “in charge”, and not some one you and your buddies do not control! Chairman Voller put this information out prior to his election a month or so ago, no news here – must be a slow day in Raleigh. Yes, there are many more important things to talk about, only you cannot think what they might be. For one thing, the fact that Mayor Voller is working out tax issues means he is a “businessman”, an experience you seem to not understand. Sounds like Sour Grapes from your community, which many of us expected. Maybe you noticed, but the “ole guard” lost its butt, and ours also and that a change of oil about now ain’t a bad thing. Naw, you got yourself so buried in some “ole guard” stuff you cannot see daylight. Wake up and smell the roses. Your attacks have not worked! Why do you not stop and think it through? Must have some limited capacity, somewhere.

  2. dap916 says:

    The blueprint memo “case” has been solved? I missed that.

    Now, as far as moving on to important issues, what should have been said here is that democrats now need to begin to work with the republican-led general assembly in NC so that the very best policies can be made to help our kids get the education they should get as well as working together on ways to have the most efficient use of funds for Medicaid and unemployment assistance so that the people that truly need to be helped are truly helped without breaking the treasury. Oh, and with regard to tax reform…more and more taxation (even as McCrory seems to want in some areas) isn’t the answer. There’s just no way North Carolina can tax its way into prosperity. And, who here doesn’t know that the more revenue our government gets, the more they then just turn around and spend in a very non-frugile way? Controlling spending should be what members of BOTH parties in our legislature works on. And, it CAN be done in a bipartisan manner.

    Mr. Voller should resign, of course. He most likely won’t and that’ll probably be just fine with the democratic leadership in NC and the press probably won’t push it…at least not like they’d push it if it was a republican chairman. It’s small potatoes, as politics go, really, IMO. Voller’s problems will all be forgotten by most folks in a very short time anyway.

    My hopes that the democratic legislators will start working WITH republicans in Raleigh is a pipe dream, I know. I mean, wouldn’t that be directly against that “blueprint” Gary says is now no longer an issue? Yeah, I think so.

  3. clarence swinney says:


    From 1946 to 1980 the period was known as the GREAT MIDDLE CLASS YEARS
    Each President worked to reduce the Debt from WWII.
    In 1980 Debt was less than 1000 Billion and Government Spending was 600 Billion per year.

    Reagan boastful Cut Taxes plus Cut the size of Government was a Trojan Horse, per his OMB Stockman, to cut Taxes for very rich.

    Reagan was Governor for 8 years during which he increased Taxes on many items.
    He increased the state revenues more than any predecessor.
    By Far. Cutting Government? Ho Hum. Blarney Baloney once more.

    Reagan policies increased Spending by 80% .
    Debt by 289%.
    9-30-81 Debt was $999.9 Billion and 9-30-89 at $1,859 Billion
    Conservatives use Spin: It was Congress.
    From 1930 to 1980 we spent $6066 Billion.
    Reagan 8 Budgets totaled over $7000 Billion.
    Congress? Ho Hum.
    Blarney Baloney.
    Congress returned Reagan 8 budgets for his signature with
    fewer total dollars on them.
    Haynes Johnson in “sleepwalking” said Reagan administration was “most scurrilous in history”
    138 were investigated /charged/fined. More than total for all preceding Presidents in 20th century.
    There were scandals in 27 Departments of the Federal Government.
    Most involved money fraud.
    The book “Ronald Reagan-There he goes again” documents over 300 incorrect statements by good old Ron.
    Each President from 1945 reduced the Debt then came Spend-Borrow Reagan
    to increase government by 80%.

    THEN-Here comes GHW BUSH.
    No braggart here. Nice Gentleman.
    He increased Debt to $4411 Billion.
    A 54% Increase.
    Give him credit for increasing Tax on Rich due to out of control Deficits.
    He had courage to put America first over ideology and party.

    The Debt on 9-30-1993 was $4411 Billion.
    The Debt on 9-30-01 was $5807 Billion.
    An increase of $1396 or 31%
    He ended with a surplus.

    HERE comes old King of Spend-Borrow GW BUSH
    Debt was $5807 Billion and on 9-30-09 it was $11,909 Billion.
    105% increase.
    Bush I-54%
    Bush II-105%
    Reagan-Bush I-Bush II did not pay down a penny of debt in 20 years
    Those Three Famous Conservatives added $10,946 Billion to our Debt.
    Three so called Famous “conservatives” promoted cut government
    Up = Down to them.
    9-30-81 to 9-30-09 we paid $8400 Billion in Interest.
    87% Interest Paid on Debt incurred by the Famous 3.

    Is it not possible(no) that without Reagan + Bush Tax Cuts we would enjoy a Surplus?

    Increase Unearned Income Tax to 40%. Make Gamblers pay.
    Increase Top Income Tax Rate to 40%
    Increase Estate Tax big time big time biggie
    Eliminate Loopholes on Corporate profits—Set a Minimum
    2008 -16% average payment-(top rate 35%)

    In 2003 distribution of corporate profits by CBO report revealed
    Bottom 80% of Income earners got 8%–Top 5% got 67%—Top 1% got 49%
    2009 Tax Return of Exxon pays no tax on billions in profits. Wrong. Sad.
    2007—Exxon paid no tax. Got a Refund.
    2010—Exxon Profit 45 Billion. Let us see if pay a tax?
    Renew Revenue Sharing to return cost to rich from middle class

    Clarence Swinney
    Political historian since 1991 on Reagan-Clinton-Bush II administrations.
    Lifeaholics Of America — old n ugly but honest mad mad mad at Inequality in America
    Author-Lifeaholic-Work for a Life not just a Living—Workaholic to Lifeaholic
    Author-forthcoming– title not decided—How Democrats created a Great Middle Class and Wall Street Rich Conservatives are determined to destroy it
    Many Stats from 12-6-09 article by John Lucia “The National Debt:Betrayal and Devastation

  4. wafranklin says:

    We just went through a period when Governor Pope bought the legislature and then more legislature and a governor, Deputy Assistant Governor McCory. In our humble county, we got one bone fide tea party type, a banker who was given his office and a senator who got purchased by the GOP earlier. So, now do you really think that Tillis/Berger/Stam mafia will let any one of them stray from their radical right strategies one iota. Real folks in legislature (Democrats) tell me it is useless to even show up, much less try to introduce legislation which does anything meaningful. So, drop the bipartisan crap, it ain’t happening, and will not happen until we get parity in the legislature, and that because the GOPers will not do anything for Democrats but harass and embarass. But we can note their attacks on women, their attacks on public education, attacks on teachers, attacks on public servants, destruction of the tax system to reward them that bought them, attempts to destroy our voting systems, inducing fracking, destroying the environment, grabbing all the power possible in destroying commissions and boards, and lots of other trashing. They have even legislated against the rising tide from climate change and they are fools against science and reason. Other than that, I just don’t much like them and the really dumb things ongoing. Now, tell me why we have so much in common? I thought not. And, as for Mr. Voller, read the papers and get the real story. You will not get it from Pearce, who apparently has a vendetta against him. Their goal is to attain a lower status in all areas than Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana and Georgia because Pope Governor Art’s friendly propaganda mills, Civitas and Locke tell them so.

  5. dap916 says:

    Let me go from bottom up here on your post wa. We’re in our present situation in NC vs. those other states you mention not because of anything republicans have or have not done. You and I both know which party has been “in control” in North Carolina for decades. And, it isn’t republicans. So, give us a break here, my friend.

    As far as the other parts of your post here, I could have read ALL of that just by going to I mean, some of it is exact language from our guy James Protzman. I mean, c’mon. Be your own person…or at least present your own rhetoric. “Deputy Assistant Governor McCrory”?? “Governor Pope”? That’s been said on how many times by Protzman and scharrison?

    If you think bipartisan is just crap, then that’s the problem. Progressives in NC constantly bitched and moaned about how republicans weren’t “working with them” when they were leading our state. Now? Democrats aren’t “working with them” when it comes to dealing with the republican leadership in our state.

    Get-even politics does nothing but hurt the very citizens democrats pretend to want to help. No one is “attacking” education and teachers and public servants and women. That’s just democratic/progressive talking points. I don’t much like democrats just as you don’t much like republicans, wa. Let’s be honest here. But, somewhere along the line our differing leaders have to start working together or we’re just going to see our state continue the downhill slide it has been in for quite a while. Democrats have led this state for decades. Now, republicans are leading it. We’re at the bottom in many areas so there’s room to move upward. THAT’S what all of our efforts should be…not just seeing who can be in control politically in the state.

    Spend a little more time reading and contributing here vs. on We’d love to have you on our forum and we’ll be nice :-). Most of us are pretty conservative-leaning but it will give you a chance to present your thoughts and beliefs and give us good banter on the major issues of the day.

    Thanks, wa.

  6. dap916 says:

    Um…what happened to my post made before our Anonymous User here?

  7. dap916 says:

    Okay…hurray!!! It’s March 4th and my post presented on March 01 at 3:06 PM got posted today. The reason I posted the question above on what happened to that post is because the Anonymous User post on March 01 at 4:58 PM got posted on the same day he/she presented it here. How does that happen, exactly? I remember when Reaganite had a similar problem with his front page posts…some of them actually not EVER being posted here (according to him). It would help all of us if we got an explaination on this so others that see this happening with their posts understand why it happens.


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