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Pat McCrory ran against a “pay-to-play culture of corruption.” Now his inauguration day features what looks like a special-interest money grab.
His foundation fundraiser gives critics and the media an easy, negative story line for his administration.
His strategy is: Suck up as much money as you can in anonymous corporate gifts. Plow it into your political machine to keep yourself in power for eight years.
His critics will say: This is a hell of a way to “clean up Raleigh.”
Public Policy Polling says McCrory starts out with a 53-25 positive rating. But that’s not a long way above 50 percent. And it’s with a 33-35 rating among registered Democrats.
How long will this last?


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4 comments on “Money Grab

  1. dap916 says:

    Let me go from the bottom up on your presentation here.

    You are making some kind of big deal about how McCrory has a 33-35 positive rating among registered democrats. Well, first, who is doing the rating and if you add 33 and 35, that gives ya 68. Is there some reason there was no mention of the 32 “others” and what they said when that Public Policy Polling poll was taken? Look, PPP is a decidedly left-leaning, democratic party-favoring polling service…..which is known by most folks and is only denied by those that can come up with good rhetoric and spin and innuendo to the contrary.

    Now, let’s discuss this “special-interest money grab” thingy you’re trying to tag McCrory and his group with. What politico (people that follow politics on a regular basis) truly believes that there isn’t now and has always been an element of “special-interest” in party politics in America. No, no….I’m not condoning it, but when some blogster tries to make a politician from the opposite party out to be some kind of dasterdly dude because he plays that kind of politics, it’s pretty ridiculous knowing how BOTH parties….and politicians from BOTH parties do this. Wanna change it? Then get out there within your own party first and read them the riot act…and stop with the holier-than-thou balogna about other party’s politicians.

    Thanks for the post, though. It gave me something to think about rather than the tragedy in Connecticut today.

  2. clarence swinney says:

    Total Income Tax Rates-1M+ Incomes
    Top 400 Income Tax Rates
    Income growth 1979-2007
    Upper 0.1%=363%
    upper 1%=156%
    Bottom 90%=17%
    We need fiscal justice

  3. dap916 says:

    swinney, post the source for the information you post here.


  4. clarence swinney says:

    Lost 1903 Billion
    1% got 37.6%
    5% got 48.3%
    bottom 60% got 16.4%
    80% borrowed 10,000 2001-2012 was a result of Bush Programs

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