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The unexpected almost always happens – but who’d have expected this: Down in Mississippi the Tea Party has been battling it out with the Republican Establishment, trying to whip Senator Thad Cochran and when all the votes were counted the Tea Party candidate led Cochrane by an eyelash 49.6% to 49%. 

The surprise?
On Election Day African-American Democrats ‘crossed over’ to vote in the Republican Primary – for Thad Cochran.  Helping him make the runoff.
Which is about as unexpected as it gets.


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2 comments on “Mississippi

  1. Anonymous says:

    Makes me wonder did African Americans believe their Democrat spinners that it’s easier to beat a Tea Party candidate, so they came out to help the Tea Party? It would be nice to garner that support for Tea Party candidates in other elections. That might results in a difference in Republican legislators and Democrat legislators, where there is not much difference now. I would love to have a majority of Republican legislators who understood the real definition of bipartisanship. Today that term, bipartisanship, means Republicans cross over to agree with Democrats and not the other way around. Another term, compromise, means the same thing, Republicans cave into Democrats ways.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Party primaries should be for party members only. Otherwise there is too much hanky panky from the other party, including getting people to temporary switch to unaffiliated to monkey around in the opponent’s primary.

    Actually conservatives across the board want to get rid of Big Government dinosaur Thad Cochran. It was not only Tea Partiers, but traditional Reagan Conservative groups like the Club for Growth and Senate Conservatives Fund who are strongly pushing for new principled leadership under State Senator Chris McDaniel.

    Thad Cochran is the new incarnation of Wilbur Mills. Like Wilbur, he has his mistress on his Capitol Hill payroll, but he has even out-Wilbured Mills himself by taking his mistress at taxpayer expenses on numerous foreign junkets. Shame on that dirty old man!

    Thad Cochran is an embarassment to the Republican Party and should be gone in the runoff shortly. Being propped up by sleazy special interest lobbyists whom he carries water for like Haley Barbour is not going to work this time.

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