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For an epic election loser, George McGovern had a big impact on North Carolina politics. Like Jesse Helms and Jim Hunt.
If not for McGovern’s landslide loss to Richard Nixon in 1972, North Carolina never would have had a Senator Helms. The Nixon tide swept Helms into Washington. It also brought a Republican, Jim Holshouser, into the Governor’s office, but that worked out OK.
That same year, Jim Hunt was the highest-ranking Democrat to survive the tide. He was elected Lieutenant Governor while Skipper Bowles (Governor) and Nick Galifianakis (Senate) were losing.
Hunt was never a McGovern fan. “McGovern was way too liberal for me,” he told me when I was researching his biography. “I didn’t like his crowd. I thought they were hurting the party.”
Ironically, McGovern paved Hunt’s way into politics. After the disastrously riot-torn and boss-run 1968 Democratic convention, McGovern chaired a commission to reform the presidential nominating system. It required the state parties to reform their delegate-selection processes.
Then-Gov. Bob Scott appointed Hunt to chair the state party’s commission. Hunt held hearings around the state, and the commission opened the party up to more involvement by women, young people and minorities. Hunt also made a lot of friends. He expanded the organization that carried him into office in 1972. The rest is history.
Later, Hunt got a chance to reform McGovern’s reforms. After 1980, the party realized that the pendulum had swung too far. Hunt was appointed to chair a national party commission to revise the McGovern commission’s work. It restored some voice for party leaders and elected officials.
By the way, that was crucial to Barack Obama’s nomination in 2008.
It just goes to show that the political football takes funny bounces – and has unpredictable consequences.


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6 comments on “McGovern, Helms and Hunt

  1. clarence swinney says:

    Are Romney and Ryan the kinds of people we want in charge?- Those like Bush but worse? Criminals and thieves? Romney the loser from MA, outsourcing king, off shore account maven, company busting brat who bullied gays and dressed up like a state trooper just to harass people. Is this the person we think will care about Main St, seniors and college kids? – Do we really want this type of person leading our nation backed by a congress who has been against Main St and that 47% of Americans that Romney was caught saying we are good for nothing lazy moochers? What kind of a person says this? Not a good one, not a responsible one, not a leader that represents all the people and not just the top- He has shown his hand over and over along with a congress that has vowed to defeat Obama at any cost to the 99%. And do we want president who is against cancer screening for women, against birth control and who things rape victims should be forced to give birth even if the mother’s life is at stake? Do we want a president supports a congress that refuses to sign the violence against women Act? These are the people who say they cherish the unborn but are willing to allow 35+ million to live in grinding poverty in our nation, vast populations of working poor and tens of thousands of college grads who can’t find work. It’s OK with Romney if our health care system is the emergency room only and who will support cutting services across that nation as the ultra -rich VARDETTE

  2. clarence swinney says:

    BUSH II—-19
    OBAMA— 26
    BUSH I—–27

  3. clarence swinney says:

    1945 -1980 we taxed high incomes and estates to pay down WWII debt.
    In those years we had fabulous economic growth.
    The Middle Class had much economic growth.
    Now, it is payoff time.
    We need to pay down the Republican Tax Cut Debt.
    Our income is $14,000 Billion.
    The 2013 budget calls for $2900B in revenue and a $900B deficit.
    It is a disgrace that we will not pay our way instead of leaving it for our kids to pay.
    We rank 4th on Inequality in OECD nations. Richest on earth. Yet! We rank third as Least taxed in OECD nations. Only Chile and Mexico tax less of GDP than America. Yes! We rank number two on taxing our corporations even though our top rate is highest. Obviously, something is crazy in America.
    Since 1980, our tax rates have been cut cut cut to favor the wealthy.
    In 2008, the top 50% got 86% of all individual income and paid 12..5% tax rate.
    That ratio has been similar for years.
    70,00,000 workers took home 14%.

    We Must return to taxing Wealth and high incomes. Would a higher estate tax hurt the ONE family which owns more wealth than 90% of our families. Romney wants to zero it not raise it to help balance our budget and pay down some of the debt that helped him get very rich.

    We CAN balance our budget. We CAN pay down our debt. The rich will fight any change.
    The Middle Class needs help to regain a good Standard Of Living. Help them. Clarence Swinney

  4. dap916 says:

    I loved your presentation here until you said:
    “By the way, that was crucial to Barack Obama’s nomination in 2008.”

    Barack Obama won the presidency because 1) he was black and every black voter in the nation came out and voted for him 2) CNN, CBS, ABC, NBC and a great many other media sources became a part of his campaign 3) George W. Bush left this country in horrible shape.

    Anything else presented about why Obama became president is pure bull.

  5. clarence swinney says:

    Obama missed big chance to bury Mitt in first lethargic debate
    “Governor, has not your stock portfolio increased dramatically since I have been president?
    My predecessor had it s high as 14,.000 and it was 8000
    after the Great Recession when I took office. It is now over 13,000.
    That sir is success for millions of investors such as pension funds.

    Why did he miss this one?

  6. clarence swinney says:

    GOP style—Potti-ites Anti
    anything for woman’s health
    anything to increase labor costs
    anything hurt ultra rich
    anything that keeps jobs in America
    anything that removes corp subsidies
    anything that helps the poorest of the poor
    anything that will decrease manufacturing of killing machines

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